Spring walk on a Sunday morning

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is October already. I have not been really productive in my job hunting. My degree is ending soon and I have no idea how my future will be like. Despite that I would like to stay in Sydney, it is not as easy as it sounds or should i say it is not as easy as people thought that it would be.
Well, i shall proceed in my main focus of the post: Spring walk.

I went for a walk on  Sunday morning since the weather is too lovely to be ignored. The location is Lavender Bay near North Sydney where I live in, it is a very mysterious garden as its name spoken: Wendy’s secret garden. They have lovely bell flower trees (that’s what I call them). The colour goes well with my OOTD (outfit of the day). I don’t feel the heat at all as I enjoy the sensation of posing in front of the camera. I feel good if the photo comes out great from the hands of the photographer. I really do appreciate shots taken in nature setting.

Nature remains superior to humans. If you walk further down: there’s more to see and explore if you are a garden lover. If not, the garden is just a stone throw away from Milson’s point’s Luna park. This tree is probably the most magnificent in the garden. Like any typical trees, it stands tall but it also has a lot of loops holes for you to stand in it and take funny pictures. But I prefer a Mermaid-like pose.

This might be my favourite photo of the day. It was edited by my uncle where he has slightly blurred the surrounding. If you are a detailed person, you can see the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge. It is not only an iconic landmark but it is the bridge that I have walked across the most. You can see that I got my sunnies on, unafraid to give out a wide smile. As it is taken from a high angle with my face slightly tilted, I don’t have a slight worry that I will look fat. Another extra is that the blend of culture and nature fits perfectly as the theme of the photo. The pride of Madeira and the Lavender are planted in colour coordination. Bees are circulating around them as well. Sometimes, people have their wedding in this secret garden as well. Previous years, I have visited here and they always have different plants and flowers to be admired. You can considered this place as a mini botanical garden. Visit here if you happens to be near the area. 


In my neighborhood, there’s several doughnut shaped water fountains but I have never stood there and admired them. I stumbled upon them today like usual: I stopped and did an awkward pose next to one of them. I can feel the cool water streaming on my finger tips. Despite that it is spring, you can tell that summer is not too far away.

I really love walking compared to running or marathons. I’m bad with running is one of the reasons. Second reason is that I am able to admire things/scenary/people while I walk. Walking is a good exercise as long as the weather is conducive. Summer was the time where I would prefer going to the gym.


Its the month of saving and not spending

On July, I have an incident with Dropbox where I foolishly give them my card details.

Then they upgraded me to a business plan. Fortunately, they are kind enough to provide me service of refunding a total amount of $850. Because it is still within the refund policy period, I escaped from such commotion.

Just two weeks ago, I was devastated with another charge on my debit card. I found out and immediately wrote an email to Dropbox. The staff could not detect the charge at all which worried me. Eventually, I have to seek help from the bank and they can only provide me some further details on the transaction. I contacted Dropbox again and they still can’t find any charge on my account which frustrates me.

I submitted a fraud report to the bank and they get back to me today and I can’t get my money back. You must be wondering why? Well, because it wasn’t my money.

The first incident, I did actually submitted a fraud report which the bank provided me a conditional refund so I get a double of $850. Now the bank is taking it back, so that made sense. However, now I wonder why the bank hasn’t notify me and even the bank staffs are not able to tell whether the transaction is made by the bank itself. Anyways, I did overspent a little which debit the large amount of money from my account is disheartening.

I did not spent much on September but I did overspent on August. So, october is the month of not buying and trying my best to not spend much..

Listening to DISNEY song

I feel amazing listening to my childhood songs. Do you feel the same as well especially growing up watching Disney movies?

Only then I realized that the singer from Mulan is the same singer from Jasmine in Aladdin’s Whole New World. They really sounded similar after knowing the fact that it is the same singer. She’s a Filipino singer and her voice is just beautiful. Her name is Lea Salonga. She is also one of the four coaches of The Voice Philippines.

Disney songs have imprinted in my mind to the extend that I can quickly catch up with the lyrics after listening a few times. It does feel a bit odd listening the songs in YouTube where I used to listen to them while watching the movies. No doubt that Disney representation is very strong and sometimes children listen to them without actually understand the underlying message. As a kid, I just listen to them because they sounded nice and the visual part is attractive as well. Reflection in Mulan totally projects a message to women and this includes the recent hit Let it Go from Frozen are all less ‘princess-cy’ as oppose to other ‘older’ princesses.

I remember visiting Disneyland and they would have parade and the most anticipated part for me was the princess part. Growing up listening to these soundtracks, I noticed the lyrics are very demure, short and simple which is how Disney able to attract our generation 20 years ago. It is really interesting how we still appreciate the products/work from the past, despite the fact that we are trying hard in catching up with all the current trends.

This is the latest video of the singer singing A whole New World and her voice did not change at all. Enjoy and continue in the journey of memory.

Bus experience

The weather app said it’s gonna rain in Sydney but it was blue sky with dispersing fluffy clouds. Odd enough I made a different option of transportation. I have always train home from uni but this time i thought it might be a good opportunity to try busing home. I looked at the watch, it was 1.05pm. The timetable reads 1.35pm for my train. Oh gosh, should I wait?

Then i thought: “Hmm, if i take the train and walk home from the station, I will reach home at 2. Maybe I should give this a try.” So then I wait. Lots of buses going to the city via freeway and buses to chatswood, but mine is like every 45 minutes. I sat there, walked to and fro and looked at the timetable, hoping that the buses are more frequent.

After 15 minutes of wait, I regretted my decision but remain seated until the bus comes. The journey wasn’t long but the problem with taking the bus is that they stop in every bus stop. Unlike train, you know where the train is going to stop and is fixed everyday. Buses are different because the next thing you know: you might be stopping every 5 minutes during the ride. Some passengers ask for direction, did not buy a prepay ticket which frustrates me a little since I have waited long for the bus.

Bus ride has never been a pleasant experience. But, it does stop nearer to my house which I don’t have to spend 15 minutes walking home from the train station. That is the only apparent pros that I can think of. You might have the bus ticket machine not working, which getting a free ride is the best feeling ever.

Foodie perspective

When people refer themselves as foodie, I always look at them in doubt. I knew people love food, they love exploring and venture, but that doesn’t mean what they recommend is always good or should i say satisfy individual taste buds?

You politely told them that this was a good recommendation and compliment how great they know about food. But in reality, chances of you going back to what they recommend is not that high. A restaurant has to be really attentive in their culinary and ultimately customers will only go back several times.

A social conversation never neglects on food. People might talk about politics, news, work and gossip on others, but food/drinks will always be at the tip of their tongue. You will always stumble upon food topic and it is undoubtedly the greatest conversation ever, where you could find your mutual food buddy or just simply share your food experience with others. I understand the feeling of pride when recommending a good place for specific cuisine around my area. if someone is given the opportunity to earn money from trying different restaurants around the world, I would be the first to volunteer.

People nodding at your perspective or seemingly paying attention on what you told them as if you are a wise and reliable food critic. As a foodie, you enjoy discussing about a signature dish from various restaurants, you love talking about myriad of cakes from your hometown and the way you scan the menu before ordering dishes. You love looking at food pictures and food blogs (you are tempted by their description of the food).

Being a foodie can be a pain in the ass especially when we have to ‘follow the crowd’. You might not enjoy specific type of food that they order but you will still have to because everyone is having it. This so called peer pressure rectifies your appetite so you will eat less (which of course it is not a bad idea at all). Girlfriends always order less and believe me: as a foodie, I am restricted in indulging all the fine food aka opportunity. Through this process, I have learned to be tolerant and as a foodie you understand people have distinctive taste buds from yours. You grow to appreciate your taste buds and others as well. A matter of being respecting other people’s choice. Sometimes, you might get something from their choices.

ALS ice bucket challenge

My Facebook page is filled with video clips where people pour ice water onto themselves?

The first thing that came to my mind was: “Oh, prank thing going on?”

I scrolled down and Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Oprah Winfrey etc were all doing that.

I thought hang on a second, what is this? So I googled about it and found out this was a spontaneous viral on the Internet.

I told my friends and they were like: “Yeah.” I’m like :” AM I the only ONE who is shock of this?”

It is stupid initially but it is kinda interesting to see the famous people doing them and their reaction as well.

The ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. 

From reading this scientific information, I was thinking why ice water is sort of related to the disease but I guess it is a really effective marketing technique, seeing everyone is interested and looking forward to more celebrities or even the President of USA to do the same.

I do believe that such association is legit ice water and neurodegenerative disease. Why? Well the moment you pour the ice water, you got brain freeze so I guess it sort of affects the nerve cell in the brain for a spur moment. I don’t really know the science but that is my thought.

It is amazing how a challenge can become a globalized culture where people do not take concern of race, religion and politics, but focus on helping to raise funds (I suppose it is a fun thing to do as well)

I did not do any research behind who started first but it doesn’t matter. It is such a contradictory when in class, we were discussing how Internet has blurred space and time. In reality, it really does but in a way that is quite positive rather than how Sherry Turkle said: “Connected, but Alone.” Well, it is not as pessimistic but I get your point. 

I would really like to try out such challenge and make my contribution. However, I don’t think I will be much influence to the funds and popularity. Well, people out there! why not try it with your friends?