About me


  1. My name (Megan) became unique and more recognizable after the actress, Megan Fox’s popularity in Transformers.
  2. I was known as a pistachio (Chinese translate: kai-xin-guo= happy fruit) when I was little as people feel happy around me.
  3. I have an oval-face, I don’t have a flat tummy, I got a good height and an inner-fold eye lid (partial mono and partial double).
  4. I have long hair when I was 4-6, I have to grow short hair when I was schooling (7-18 y/o). Then I get my long hair back when I was 19 until now.
  5. My maths was terrible until I was in high school, but it has improved at some point. (I wasn’t the best in class yet)
  6. My mandarin wasn’t that fantastic even though I was taught in school and even I was a Chinese.
  7. I only learnt how to play piano when I was 14 and gave up when I was 18.
  8. I regretted for not learning any musical instruments when I was a kid.
  9. I have always prefer reading tabloids than political and economic news.
  10. I have more time to read novels when I was in high school. I have more English books than Chinese books.
  11. I was quite obsessed with English literature, romance fiction over non-fictions.
  12. I was crazy with Korean pop music, actors, groups and dramas when I was 16-18. (Now, I don’t do those stuff)
  13. I still love Totally Spice, Disney Princesses, Lizzie Mcguire, That’s So Raven, High School Musical and my all-time favourite Hong Kong TVB dramas.
  14. I chose the degree, Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media, culture and communication in Macquarie University over Bachelor of Science in University of Technology because I felt I have studied enough science and I just couldn’t cope with it any further.
  15. I have always hate accounting and business subjects but currently I do jot down how much I spent on a weekly basis.
  16. I was born in Malaysia but I try not to speak Malaysian English.
  17. My mother language is Mandarin and Cantonese (I don’t speak English at home with family, I try to speak with my dad but we never lasted over 2 minutes using pure English).
  18. I was once known as Princess Megan for some reason when I was 15. In English class, we did a novel known as The Prisoner of Zenda and the female protagonish is a princess.
  19. My only dance performance on stage was when I was 12 and it was a modern dance of a Chinese pop music ‘Love you’ by Cyndi Wang.
  20. I was a choir member when I was in primary school, but my singing was actually not that great.
  21. I have always been obsessed with my English subject grade over my other subjects which are more important to others.
  22. I have always love looking at myself in the mirror and my family label me as someone who often emphasise on her appearance but I soon found out other girls of the same age are worst than me.
  23. I am ambiguous of working overseas as I wish to be in my hometown, but at the same time I want to earn money of higher currency for my family.
  24. I have only started to appreciate living in my hometown after I have studied abroad for only one year.
  25. I am currently jobless.
  26. I have worked once as a flyer distributor in Sydney train stations.
  27. I started blogging last year and kept it as a secret from my family and friends.
  28. I don’t do needle work or sewing kind of staff.
  29. I am a person who enjoys doing something that people might not think I am good at it such as drawing, making hand-made cards, cooking and baking.
  30. I have two groups of close friends. They are from the same high school as me. My best friend is part of the two groups as well.
  31. I went to a Boy/girl Primary School and a Girl’s High School.
  32. I have more girlfriends than boyfriends.
  33. I am not popular among guys.  (Guys just don’t like me!)
  34. I take pictures when I feel like taking or when I really need to keep them as part of my memories.
  35. I wish to be a freelancer in the future and hopefully I can write for my career.
  36. I hope to do all kinds of internships before I work full-time.
  37. I have always thought of immersing myself in the beauty or fashion industry but was never as passionate as others.
  38. I only dress up when I need to, I wasn’t someone who puts on make-up on an occasional basis (going to uni, going out to buy grocery and even going out with my boyfriend)
  39. I had 8 secret crushes before I met my current boyfriend. I have only dated once which is now.
  40. I don’t do clubbing on a regular basis, that lifestyle is just not my thing.
  41. I would rather have a sleepover party with beauty masks, chit-chats, movies, crazy dance and food as oppose to alcohol, steamy dance and disco music.
  42. I don’t appreciate high end brands because I could’t afford them.
  43. I don’t enjoy alcohol but I do drink for social purposes.
  44. I puke once due to alcohol, I puke once due to over-eating in buffet, I puke twice due to airplane sickness.
  45. I enjoy green tea desserts and drinks, in fact I accept most desserts.
  46. I don’t enjoy oysters, pork/beef intestines, blue cheese, pig trotter in vinegar ginger, garland chrysanthemum (Chinese vegetables) and liqorice tea.
  47. My House number 137-C has a significant meaning and it is part of my symbolic identity (1=first child, 3=birth month, 7=birth day, c=chiew, my family name)
  48. I can’t use my phone on a bus ride. I get motion sickness quite easily.
  49. I only won a trophy in my entire 21 years (first prize in drawing competition when I was 4) but I did won some other certificates during high school, not sure what they are.
  50. I hate racism and I hope there are no differences between human.

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