Travel year of 2016

2016 has been a meaningful year as I have ticked off a lot of my to-travel countries.

  • Hong Kong and Japan in March
  • A spontaneous weekend getaway to Seoul, Korea in June
  • Spent a week in New Zealand in November

Every time after work or during weekend, I told myself that I should dedicate some time in writing an after thought of my trips but I never did. The pictures that I took were incredible (I cherished them a lot) and the journey which I have been were something that I think is worth sharing. Posting itinerary would take me quite a while (with pictures) and since it is almost the end of 2016, I will just do a quick summary of my perspective of travelling.

What kind of traveler are you?

  • I post photos as I go in Facebook (private) + Instagram (public)
    • I find that posting photos and writing them down/describing instantly gives you the best posting as you have a fresh memory of what you eat, do and even checking-in to the location is easier. It doesn’t take long which you can do it on a train trip, or after a meal or during shopping.
  • I eat what the locals eat
    • In my Hong Kong trip, that’s how we eat. We went to a very old bakery to get the best egg-tart, we went to a very classic cafe to have Bo-Lo-Bao (Pineapple Bun), we had wonton noodle soup and their claypot rice which are all packed with the locals
  • I don’t waste time resting
    • I find that this is ironic. We travel to relax but we don’t actually stay idle during our travel not especially when we have flew so many hours to the destination. We set out early from our accommodation, plan ahead of what to do and fill up what to do/where to go if there is an empty slot. This includes travel to somewhere just for the food.
  • I do my research + booking diligently
    • I preferred someone to do the research with me, to discuss and plan because it is a very exciting moment, the anticipation of what we will see/do is just very satisfying. The fact that you understand the destination you’re going makes you feel less stressful when you’re there and the fact that you’re prepared makes everything go smoother than a person who doesn’t. I don’t like the feeling of relying someone to do all the work and I just sit back follow. I like participating in the journey that I have signed up for.
  • I seek information from the locals
    • That’s something that I have learned from foreign language country Japan and Korea. You will need the locals – it can be the people from information centre, the taxi driver, the passer-by, the shop keeper, the hotel staff etc. We have came across people who are mostly friendly. That taught me to approach someone whenever in need (finding direction, recommendation of eatery). Japanese are happy to help even with the language barrier. Some Koreans don’t especially the younger generation but the taxi driver whom we met are so honest (We were heading to a shrine near Gwanjang Market and we thought it is not a walk-able distance so we hail a taxi but the driver told us how to walk there and it was very near)
  • Spontaneous change of plan is unavoidable
    • I suppose some things just don’t go according to plan. As our Seoul trip is so short, we tried to squeeze in as much places as possible but somehow 24 hrs a day is not enough. This means you will need to adjust the itinerary for the next day to accommodate what you have missed yesterday (if only that place is a must go for you). Sometimes we can’t do everything but we tried to be optimistic when it comes to travel.

What makes a good travel?

  • Good companion
    • In my recent New Zealand trip, I went with my boyfriend alongside with his two good High school friends who have became a couple. They are such easy going and fun to hang out people which makes the trip so memorable whenever I look at the pictures
  • Good food
    • This is important but depending on the destination. New Zealand wasn’t the foodie country compared to Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. I would try not to describe this in detailed. Hong Kong is all about the classic dishes which I have already known as a Chinese and treats which I have loved. Japan is about the freshness of the ingredients, the quality of how it is made and exceptional presentation. Korea is mostly complex, quirky, comforting food which emphasize on strong flavours.
  • Good activities
    • I must include my skydiving, horse-riding experience in New Zealand but to be honest walking around the city, exploring the mysterious shrines, visiting the tranquil temples were all considered my kind of activities. As long as your time is well-spent during travel and as long as you felt that you discover more charm about the destination, I think the travel experience is already worthwhile.

I know nobody in this world doesn’t like to travel but everyone has their way of travelling and people who has the mutual interest and personality that comes together will have a blast of their time. Feel free to comment, tell me where you have been and what sort of travel person you are?