23th Birthday

How things have changed

I haven’t actually devoted time in this blog but because yesterday was my 23th birthday. I thought I will give myself an opportunity to reflect how everything has changed since the last two years. After I have graduated, I have step into the work force. I failed along the way, attempted to be motivated in my first job and determined to please everyone that has set expectation on me. It was definitely worth it as I have gained a lot through the ups and downs. I am now in the field of digital marketing and have been working on WordPress for most of the projects, sometimes Magento, Sitecore, Umbraco, Moz SEO etc. It is a learning curve that will be so memorable and useful in my career path.In hoping that I will also become a more confident, skilled, discipline, sociable and approachable person.

Despite that I haven’t obtain much knowledge on marketing for my degree, my bosses and colleague are always there to guide me on whether they are relating to business/marketing or technical stuff. I have came to know the way to handle website development projects, tackle client’s requests and ensure quality assurance of the work. Boss has also brought me along to meet clients despite knowing that English is my second language. Thinking back when i first started, i continuously blamed my stupidity for asking all the simple questions, how I am not attention to details and screw up even when writing an email and especially sending monthly newsletter. I would rather be stupid than pretending to be smart. I would rather be slow than attempting to make mistakes for my speediness. Hence I would just ask, double check and confirm just to make sure a smooth work flow for everyone. As my boss says: “it is okay to admit your mistake, everyone make mistake; but of course not to make the same mistake ten times.” In short, there are plenty of rooms for improvement as an amateur.

What is missing?

  1. Spending with my family and friends. Working from 9 – 6 on weekdays has lead me to understand how is like to be in a working class. You basically come home from work, shower and have dinner. BOOOM! it’s 8pm. I am an early riser so sleeping early is inevitable. The time difference here with Malaysia is 2-3 hours. This makes chatting and interacting with my family and friends more difficult and lesser.
  2. Being able to go on holiday. “Welcome to the world of working” where there is something call annual leave and no such thing as semester break and summer break. I might need some time to get used to this.

How was my birthday ?

Let me start with the pre-celebration which I had Yum cha with my two aunts and grandparents. In the afternoon I was  a couch potato, watching a Korean series . For dinner, we had Thai takeway which was very appetizing. The meals may be simple to some others, but I am a happy girl.

The 7th day of March

On 7/3, my boyfriend organized a dinner with me. I don’t know where it will be but since it is my birthday, i will dress nice. Birthday passed by very quickly as I was at work. My boss bought me a chocolate cake, how nice is that! Of course I will still need to focus at work, no excuse!


Chef’s Seasonal Tasting at Aria

Surprise! It was in a two hatted restaurant – Aria which is near to the Opera House. Lovely view to start of and the rest of the experience was top notch as well. When we stepped into the restaurant and seated. Shortly, we are being served with the amuse-bouche. It was kingfish tartare with tomato and capsicum juice. A very refreshing one to start off the meal.

We decided to go for the Chef’s Tasting Menu which consists of 7 courses. That went from 7.30 – 10.30pm. We savour the bread before commencing the 7 courses.

Rye bread with seaweed butter and cultured butter with sea salt

Salad of autumn fruit with pickled cucumber, caper leaves and salty ice plant

  • We love the combination of this “salad” particularly the salty ice plant

Saikou salmon with apple, dill and horseradish

  • This is probably our favourite dish as the salmon just melts in our mouth

Champagne lobster with sweetcorn congee and wakame

  • We could not resist the corn congee with the juicy lobster

John Dory with fennel, salted grapes and verjuice

  • The fish was fresh but overall the dish doesn’t stand out

Twice cooked veal brisket with shiitake mushroom and bonito tea

  • Love how the mushroom and bonito tea infused with the brisket sauce

Cowra lamb loin and neck with harissa, pine nuts and samphire

  • We love the lamb – not our favourite but the lamb loin was yumm

Warm caramelised pineapple with lime and rosemary sorbet and poached meringue

  • Birthday girl gets the candle and a sour refreshing dessert to end the course dinner

Selection of house made petits fours with peppermint tea for me and cappuccino for my bf

  • White chocolate and Vanilla Macaron – this was not that special
  • Chocolate earl grey truffle – the truffle was excellent as it is not too sweet and the size was just right for us (well, it is ‘petit’ after all…)
  • Passionfruit meringue tart – this was well made

The Finale

A gift from my boyfriend who obviously has spent a lot on my birthday. I have not really celebrated my birthday with him for the past two years. This year was exceptional. Thank you so much.

p/s: Did i forget to mention that i will be going to Japan very soon as a way to treat myself for my birthday? Hopefully I am able to write about the trip on this blog in another month. Stay tuned.


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