Macquarie shopping centre’s new transformation

The first time i stepped into Macquarie shopping centre in 2012, I don’t enjoy the shopping experience compared to chatswood and the city. There is a lack of fashion brands (high end or low end) and the food choices are not abundant. The geographical arrangement of the shops are very confusing as well. Despite that, I still go there for ice-skating, frozen yoghurt or when i feel the need to go window shopping somewhere apart from the city. The city gets a bit boring sometimes.

Studying in Macquarie University, i feel proud that our Macquarie shopping centre has transformed to a new look just recently. It has become the most large format international high street fashion brands of any Australian shopping centre. It always happen. The school, college and university always has something better to offer when I am leaving. It feel sad but definitely is convenient for people living nearby, especially students: they will just flock to the centre for window shopping or genuine shopping. Spending money even before you earn money is like a sin but you still do it.


Apart from that, the local departmental stores: Myers and David Jones are part of the glamorous two-floor fashion galleria. This galleria’s main attractions are definitely the four international high street stores: Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and Gap. Just yesterday H&M has its grand opening which attracted students, working women and others who live in the Northern region.

Macquarie Centre is featuring around 100 specialty fashion and beauty stores. The list includes luxury Australian designers Scanlan Theodore, Zimmermann, Alice McCall, Gorman, Willow and Sass & Bide. Walking along the galleria, you can feel the oomph of the retailers. Even the lounge chairs, the ceilings and lighting are sophisticated. In December, an American fashion chain will be one of the featured participanting stores: Forever 21. There is also a Victorian Secret store coming soon.


The brand new-look Macquarie Centre will have a separate dining and cafe precinct: so you still get your old food court and with several new restaurants and eateries. In July, there is a fresh food market precinct featuring new Coles and Aldi supermarkets alongside with the refurbished Woolworths. I bet Macquarie centre is the only shopping centre with all the major supermarkets, plus an Asian grocery store and Daiso. There is a range of market-style eateries such as Costi’s Seafood Market, Inlakesh Living Foods and F & L Gourmet. Macquarie centre has fitness first, JB-Hifi, strike (bowling & laser tag) and rebel as well. I think you can pretty much get anything in Macquarie centre.

Now the question is why did H&M and Uniqlo chose Macquarie centre? Why not the city? I know the city has a Uniqlo pop-up store in Pitt st. Still, I wonder why…Is it because of the rent? Is it because Macq centre offer much more than Westfield? Is it because of a pre-investment? meaning they want to test Sydney’s market and response towards these brands before deciding to expand. In any ways as a Malaysian, I always wonder why Australia is always the slowest and the latest country to receive all these fashion labels and blockbuster movies. Is it something to do with the country’s policy or just coincidence that all these international brands decided to target Asian countries before going to Australia/New Zealand? Australians complaint about it, yet the foreign brands are not proactive in featuring their stores in Australia. It might also relate to Australian economical growth (I’m not an expertise but it might be as Australia is still consider as an expensive place to live in, not to mention doing your business here).

This might be a useful chart.

This might be a useful chart.

Anyways, I just got back from Macuarie centre (it’s a friday so no class for me, yayy!!) I bought a denim cropped legging pants from Uniqlo ($19 opening special). They have various colours to offer but this one got my attention. I always love legging pants because it is easy to wear, comfy, casual looking and perfect for spring/summer. The last legging pants I got is from Bossini Malaysia ranging at the same price or slightly cheaper, the brand is from Hong kong.

I wish to window shop longer but the queue of the fitting room is just crazy in H&M. Uniqlo is not too bad and is the second most crowded stores. I did not even bother going into Gap. I did window shop in Zara and found a couple pricey outfit. I might go next week again when there is less crowd (well, that’s what I hope for). But then, the price might be different than this week.


Here’s my lovely new Uniqlo denim cropped legging pants (slightly boyfriend jeans look)


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