Product review: Guardian Baby Milk Lotion

Recently, I fell in love with a product that I never thought it would be that great. Someone gave it to me as a gift: Guardian Baby Milk Lotion. Thank you 🙂

I love the after effect of the lotion. I applied it on my legs and arms after shower. The next day, my skin is so smooth. It felt almost like the skin we see in skincare advertisement. Guardian pharmacy is not available in Australia, even though there is a similar name of another pharmacy. I am pretty sure that because the bottle read: “Made in Malaysia”. It is available in the Guardian online store as well (check the link below)

Besides that, the lotion does not give you any greasy feeling. Previously I have tried Nivea body lotion. It does legitimate its function for dry skin and moisture but it is oil-based. My skin becomes overly moisture and i can feel a layer of unnecessary grease. In other words when I go out and the weather gets too hot, the greasiness becomes more apparent. It is not too bad but I would still prefer a lotion that gives me a milky texture yet not too ‘buttery’


Pareben-free & Ph balanced, dermatological tested (mild formula) Triple moisturizing with oat milk, aloe-vera and olive oil

The lotion’s price shocked me even more. I have used expensive brands before but it’s just amazing cheap brand does good to the skin as well. It is only rm6.71 after discount ($2??!!) You must be thinking that I’m crazy and that’s absurd. Anyways, I don’t care whether it is a renown high end brand that costs you $200 or a low end that is below $10. As long as I can afford and my skin feels good then why not?


Proudly made in Malaysia. 100% money guarantee. Ingredients: Kernel extract, aloe leaf juice, alcohol, fruit oil, sodium hydroxide, oatmeal extract, glucose, chamomile (my fav!) So there’s a mixture of chemical and natural ingredients.


Just like typical lotion: white creamy texture that gives you baby skin (how sweet!)

If you have any favourite body lotion (high end or low end) feel free to leave comment below as recommendation. Do you agree that high end brand does better to our skin or sometimes affordable products are good as well?


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