The Messy World

When we look at our world, it is getting more complicated and everything just seems so ‘messy’.

On the surface it seems coordinated, everyone following rules and regulations while some others going against it.

We do come to an age of progression where everything is about comfort in life and convenience in doing things.

People work because life is not about sitting there doing nothing.

It is meant to be fully utilized and enjoy until the day you die with no regrets.

My point of a messy world is that our mind is corrupted with future and seeking for the best in life. Yet the life we live in is so messy itself that people are blinded and soon assimilated in such a lifestyle.

Nothing is wrong with a messy world where everyone is being self-centered and immersed in a world of technology (using their phone and not communicating with people around you physically).

Nothing is wrong with a messy world where the rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer.

Nothing is wrong with a messy world where more homeless people on the streets are youngsters.

Nothing is wrong with a messy world where people is crazy about body image, gym fitness and diet.

In life, you were given choices and doing the right thing is almost impossible.

Messy world that you live in means that as soon as you have decided to do something, you will end up being at fault on the other side. It means you will miss out something when you gain something. Messy as much as you can think it can be, your decision is not always right. The point when you think everything is going well, the next minute something collapse. The point when you think everything is hopeless, you get something out of the blue moon. Therefore, it is messy.

Your mind is messy because the anxiousness and the negativity that corrupted your mind. You are taken over by fear and inhibits you from moving forward. Everything becomes messy. Your world becomes messy. The people around you are seen messy as well. Your mind is messy when you think of all the unnecessary, when you still think of the past during sleep, when you still think of things that you shouldn’t stress about, when you are not concentrating what is important to you.

The news report about the world being messy. Everyone hates messy but they are curious and want to know more about the “messiness”. It does not affect us yet we tell people that we are concern as humanity driven us being compassionate and empathetic. Our messy world is not just the division of countries and regions but different ethnicity, race and family. It is messy in a positive way where variation of life comes together in unity (well, that’s what people hope for or some people) In negative way where racism, riot and binary ideas are developed.

Messy world because everyone has their individual rights and opinions: what is important to them and what is right/wrong to them. There is ambivalence in perception and viewpoints towards different matters in life. The world is messy because you as individual encounter people coming in and out of your life, despite your unwillingness: people who cherish the relationship will stay while others move on with their own life with a broken heart or a cruel heart.

You think the messy world will stop? It evolves and this is just a quarter part of the messy world. .


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