Spring walk on a Sunday morning

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is October already. I have not been really productive in my job hunting. My degree is ending soon and I have no idea how my future will be like. Despite that I would like to stay in Sydney, it is not as easy as it sounds or should i say it is not as easy as people thought that it would be.
Well, i shall proceed in my main focus of the post: Spring walk.

I went for a walk on  Sunday morning since the weather is too lovely to be ignored. The location is Lavender Bay near North Sydney where I live in, it is a very mysterious garden as its name spoken: Wendy’s secret garden. They have lovely bell flower trees (that’s what I call them). The colour goes well with my OOTD (outfit of the day). I don’t feel the heat at all as I enjoy the sensation of posing in front of the camera. I feel good if the photo comes out great from the hands of the photographer. I really do appreciate shots taken in nature setting.

Nature remains superior to humans. If you walk further down: there’s more to see and explore if you are a garden lover. If not, the garden is just a stone throw away from Milson’s point’s Luna park. This tree is probably the most magnificent in the garden. Like any typical trees, it stands tall but it also has a lot of loops holes for you to stand in it and take funny pictures. But I prefer a Mermaid-like pose.

This might be my favourite photo of the day. It was edited by my uncle where he has slightly blurred the surrounding. If you are a detailed person, you can see the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge. It is not only an iconic landmark but it is the bridge that I have walked across the most. You can see that I got my sunnies on, unafraid to give out a wide smile. As it is taken from a high angle with my face slightly tilted, I don’t have a slight worry that I will look fat. Another extra is that the blend of culture and nature fits perfectly as the theme of the photo. The pride of Madeira and the Lavender are planted in colour coordination. Bees are circulating around them as well. Sometimes, people have their wedding in this secret garden as well. Previous years, I have visited here and they always have different plants and flowers to be admired. You can considered this place as a mini botanical garden. Visit here if you happens to be near the area. 


In my neighborhood, there’s several doughnut shaped water fountains but I have never stood there and admired them. I stumbled upon them today like usual: I stopped and did an awkward pose next to one of them. I can feel the cool water streaming on my finger tips. Despite that it is spring, you can tell that summer is not too far away.

I really love walking compared to running or marathons. I’m bad with running is one of the reasons. Second reason is that I am able to admire things/scenary/people while I walk. Walking is a good exercise as long as the weather is conducive. Summer was the time where I would prefer going to the gym.

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