Its the month of saving and not spending

On July, I have an incident with Dropbox where I foolishly give them my card details.

Then they upgraded me to a business plan. Fortunately, they are kind enough to provide me service of refunding a total amount of $850. Because it is still within the refund policy period, I escaped from such commotion.

Just two weeks ago, I was devastated with another charge on my debit card. I found out and immediately wrote an email to Dropbox. The staff could not detect the charge at all which worried me. Eventually, I have to seek help from the bank and they can only provide me some further details on the transaction. I contacted Dropbox again and they still can’t find any charge on my account which frustrates me.

I submitted a fraud report to the bank and they get back to me today and I can’t get my money back. You must be wondering why? Well, because it wasn’t my money.

The first incident, I did actually submitted a fraud report which the bank provided me a conditional refund so I get a double of $850. Now the bank is taking it back, so that made sense. However, now I wonder why the bank hasn’t notify me and even the bank staffs are not able to tell whether the transaction is made by the bank itself. Anyways, I did overspent a little which debit the large amount of money from my account is disheartening.

I did not spent much on September but I did overspent on August. So, october is the month of not buying and trying my best to not spend much..


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