Listening to DISNEY song

I feel amazing listening to my childhood songs. Do you feel the same as well especially growing up watching Disney movies?

Only then I realized that the singer from Mulan is the same singer from Jasmine in Aladdin’s Whole New World. They really sounded similar after knowing the fact that it is the same singer. She’s a Filipino singer and her voice is just beautiful. Her name is Lea Salonga. She is also one of the four coaches of The Voice Philippines.

Disney songs have imprinted in my mind to the extend that I can quickly catch up with the lyrics after listening a few times. It does feel a bit odd listening the songs in YouTube where I used to listen to them while watching the movies. No doubt that Disney representation is very strong and sometimes children listen to them without actually understand the underlying message. As a kid, I just listen to them because they sounded nice and the visual part is attractive as well. Reflection in Mulan totally projects a message to women and this includes the recent hit Let it Go from Frozen are all less ‘princess-cy’ as oppose to other ‘older’ princesses.

I remember visiting Disneyland and they would have parade and the most anticipated part for me was the princess part. Growing up listening to these soundtracks, I noticed the lyrics are very demure, short and simple which is how Disney able to attract our generation 20 years ago. It is really interesting how we still appreciate the products/work from the past, despite the fact that we are trying hard in catching up with all the current trends.

This is the latest video of the singer singing A whole New World and her voice did not change at all. Enjoy and continue in the journey of memory.


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