Foodie perspective

When people refer themselves as foodie, I always look at them in doubt. I knew people love food, they love exploring and venture, but that doesn’t mean what they recommend is always good or should i say satisfy individual taste buds?

You politely told them that this was a good recommendation and compliment how great they know about food. But in reality, chances of you going back to what they recommend is not that high. A restaurant has to be really attentive in their culinary and ultimately customers will only go back several times.

A social conversation never neglects on food. People might talk about politics, news, work and gossip on others, but food/drinks will always be at the tip of their tongue. You will always stumble upon food topic and it is undoubtedly the greatest conversation ever, where you could find your mutual food buddy or just simply share your food experience with others. I understand the feeling of pride when recommending a good place for specific cuisine around my area. if someone is given the opportunity to earn money from trying different restaurants around the world, I would be the first to volunteer.

People nodding at your perspective or seemingly paying attention on what you told them as if you are a wise and reliable food critic. As a foodie, you enjoy discussing about a signature dish from various restaurants, you love talking about myriad of cakes from your hometown and the way you scan the menu before ordering dishes. You love looking at food pictures and food blogs (you are tempted by their description of the food).

Being a foodie can be a pain in the ass especially when we have to ‘follow the crowd’. You might not enjoy specific type of food that they order but you will still have to because everyone is having it. This so called peer pressure rectifies your appetite so you will eat less (which of course it is not a bad idea at all). Girlfriends always order less and believe me: as a foodie, I am restricted in indulging all the fine food aka opportunity. Through this process, I have learned to be tolerant and as a foodie you understand people have distinctive taste buds from yours. You grow to appreciate your taste buds and others as well. A matter of being respecting other people’s choice. Sometimes, you might get something from their choices.


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