Bus experience

The weather app said it’s gonna rain in Sydney but it was blue sky with dispersing fluffy clouds. Odd enough I made a different option of transportation. I have always train home from uni but this time i thought it might be a good opportunity to try busing home. I looked at the watch, it was 1.05pm. The timetable reads 1.35pm for my train. Oh gosh, should I wait?

Then i thought: “Hmm, if i take the train and walk home from the station, I will reach home at 2. Maybe I should give this a try.” So then I wait. Lots of buses going to the city via freeway and buses to chatswood, but mine is like every 45 minutes. I sat there, walked to and fro and looked at the timetable, hoping that the buses are more frequent.

After 15 minutes of wait, I regretted my decision but remain seated until the bus comes. The journey wasn’t long but the problem with taking the bus is that they stop in every bus stop. Unlike train, you know where the train is going to stop and is fixed everyday. Buses are different because the next thing you know: you might be stopping every 5 minutes during the ride. Some passengers ask for direction, did not buy a prepay ticket which frustrates me a little since I have waited long for the bus.

Bus ride has never been a pleasant experience. But, it does stop nearer to my house which I don’t have to spend 15 minutes walking home from the train station. That is the only apparent pros that I can think of. You might have the bus ticket machine not working, which getting a free ride is the best feeling ever.


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