The Annoying Selfie

I know this is not a new topic. Who doesn’t know selfie? These days, even my parents took selfies. I admitted that I took selfies as well, but I have not reached to the obsession level.

You can take as many selfies as you like, but just when you started to post them on social media; you might need to be aware of the overload selfies. This applies on food photo as well. But taking food photo is nonetheless covers more variation. You see how food photos never goes wrong, especially if you do different eateries  and cuisines. 

It is quite easy to tell whether you are selfie-addicted. Take a look at your selfies- are they all the same angle? are they all the same concept? are they all with the same people? do you have more selfies than other photos in your Instagram? Well, if you are selfie-addicted, good news is it is perfectly normal. The bad news is you might be over-loving yourself? It is not a practical thing to do when you waste your time on selfies. You can do more than posing in front of your phone camera. Do you feel a sense of achievement when your selfie’s LIKES goes up? 

There is a guy teenager who becomes obsessed with taking selfie, he attempted to commit suicide because he could not capture a perfect selfie. He spent 10 hours a day taking 200 selfies and that doesn’t include the deleted ones. He dropped out of school and unable to eliminate his urge of taking photos of himself. This news from last month might be forgotten by anyone who have came across. They might be high school students, kids, adults, college or university students, celebrities and many other professionals. How can we understand the severity of modern technology has impacted us?

Do you think it is alright to follow such trend? Are you afraid of becoming a victim of selfie addiction? Can most of us handle the negative consequences that the new media age has set us upon? I hope my friends that are always taking selfie, be cautious. Photos are definitely useful for keeping beautiful memories that we might no longer remember, but everything comes in moderation. 


Who doesn’t know the most famous Oscar selfie?


Looking familiar indeed…from Singapore celebrities

Something like this is a good. You see a lot of happy faces and a relatively new selfie. No doubt that it is still part of selfie. What I see nowadays is selfie of flat tummy, the hashtags of #fitness, #abs, #healthy, #lifestyle, #gym, #flattummy. Yes, I get it-you got a perfect body. Now move along and post something else. Besides that, people just like to write description of the photo that does not made any sense with their selfie such as “have a great night out”, “have a fun day”, “a boring day” etc. Apparently you are able to use selfie to describe your emotions, your behaviour, your achievement, your desires, your attitudes and your concerns. 

Why say no to selfie?? 

1. It doesn’t make sense documenting yourself throughout the day where your appearance don’t change every hour.

2.  Your selfies apply a dull life of yours.

3. People judge your selfie of body and face.

4. Obviously you look like seeking attention of somebody or Everybody!

5. Selfie takes time. (I know that.)

6. They all look the same. 

7. You are just faking your appearances by twisting the angle and adding more filters.

This link looks interesting:





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