A Sunday

Seated on a table, the wall painting opposite me was a cartoon drawing of Alice in Wonderland with familiar faces of Alice, the Mad hatter and the bunny. I was sitting there sipping a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow. The hot chocolate was not hot at all when I took the first sip, but the flavour sits just right in my cold tummy. It took quite some time before my bacon and egg roll arrives. The lights in the cafe were decoration of upside-down Alice in Wonderland teapots and cups hanging in ceiling. They are dim but thank goodness of the outdoor natural lights. Despite the winds gusting in, I felt warm. Tables in the cafe were arranged to sit closely with one another. The man sitting next to me was applying the jam on his toast while the lady sitting across him was probably his wife, eating tiny pieces of teared banana bread. 

Humans just like to talk about the weather. Just during Easter, there was no rain in Sydney. A weather where you feel like stepping out of your home. Everyday I checked my weather app to see whether I should wear an extra jacket and whether I should go to this place or that place. This week has come to an end, the weather is telling me to stay in the ‘comfort zone’. I love to be rebellious. I left the mainstream comfort zone of home, walked to a cafe for a Sunday brunch and spent 3 mins walking home again. 

During the pour, I love watching myriad of umbrellas on the road. I like how mine always stands out with stripes of rainbow colour. I appreciate that the wind did not bombard my vulnerable ‘Made in China’ umbrella. Just when I was half done with my brunch. A white family just seated beside me. A father, a mother and their two daughters of probably 3-6 years old. Children are lovely when they smile at you and did not cause any messy trouble. This is just one part which you enjoy their company.

The parents ordered the food and brought out sketch books for the kids to draw. The mum drew a few snails for the elder daughter to colour them while the youngest one just scribble her paper. They have eye-lashes that I wish to have, they have Country Road fury coats and Polo shoes. What a lifestyle! Both kids I assumed liking me as I turned to watch their gestures and expression every few seconds. The elder daughter acts like a princess with her eyes constantly look up and talks like a royalty. Still, she is an affectionate kid. When she talks about something, I can tell that she is actually acknowledging me.  

The younger daughter was like an angel. She even looks like one too. Both of them have curly hair from their father but the little one has a tiny face with puffy cheeks that you feel like pinching them. They have their sets of drawing kits and the younger one dropped hers so my normal reaction of picking up for her was not a big deal. But I do felt that the kids liking me more. I guess children sometimes are able to sense who is the good guy. When the food is here, the elder daughter have her mum to cut her toast into smaller pieces with her scramble eggs. The dad forces the younger daughter to eat the healthy avocado. I can tell that she does’t enjoy the green stuff yet. She took the spoon of avocado and wanting to feed me. I told her:” It’s good, eat it.” She turns away. She must be thinking of using me to get rid of the food she dislikes. 

When they are about to leave, the elder daughter asked me:” Do you know the song Let it Go?” I said:” Yes, its from Frozen.” and she replied me with a smile. Again she asked:” You know Jasmine?” “Yes and which princess you like the most?” She said:”Jasmine!” When she was about to leave the cafe with her parents. She asked the third time. “You know Ariel?” I nodded. I assumed she likes Ariel after Jasmine. I predicted she will prefer a tanned skin in the future with red hair, possible maybe? 

The interaction ends with their mum saying thank you and goodbye to me. I wonder why a white girl loves a black Princess. It was something unusual. Normally, people would love Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Race is probably excluded or does not exist in the children world. I knew that people are not born to be racist, but they are gradually educated about the myriad skin colour, biological differences and the ethnical backgrounds as they grow up. I imagine if all the people around me ignores my background and treats me equally, living here would not be so different. 


This is the cafe I visited. You can see how the tables are so close to one another. The lighting was much dimmer because of the rain. Photo retrieved from Internet


The upside-down lights (Photo from Internet)


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