My Easter experience

First and foremost, entering the easter show is like going into a never-land where you can’t stop yourself from taking money out of your pocket/wallet OR withdrawing money from the ATM machine & SPEND on non-beneficial stuff. 

My boyfriend and I have decided to visit the Royal Easter Show this semester break. We bought the entry tickets and 110 coupon rides which the total cost us more than a hundred.  I will have free entry tickets if I accept the two-weeks media internship offered by the Royal Easter show, but NO, I chose to decline the offer. What has been done cannot be undone. I will just chilled and enjoy myself for this moment.



———————PART 1———————

When I step into a stranger land, I have unique eyes. My priority was not on the rides, the agricultural exhibition, my boyfriend, the people around me or the sheep, horse, cows and chook. Yes I do visit them but they do not captivated me as much as FOOD do. I came across the word ‘candy floss’ and that’s it this is part of my ‘list’. There were kebabs, candies, hotdogs, pizzas, asian noodle bar, BBQ and yum-cha? I like how the stalls stand tall amongst the crowd. Lemonade stand were everywhere. While people were walking pass me and sipping lemonade drink under the scorching heat of afternoon sun, I was drinking the bottle of mineral water that I brought along, feeling the numbness in my tastebud. I felt sorry for myself.

** I said no thank you for ice-cream because it costs $7 per scoop where i can get it cheaper in usual days.

** I did not get to try the chips on a stick. I think it is a popular snack on Easter show, because again I saw quite a number of people having them.


Woolworths aka woolies had its own fresh food dorm. It wasn’t about the iconic fresh Australian produce, but rather I appreciate the creativity evolving around the assembly of quality fruits and vegetables, grains and wools by artistic people.




Just like a market, stands are popping everywhere, common merchandised food were everywhere. I can’t drool in front of my boyfriend and also we have a budget.

When we had our packed lunch, we are contented in terms of hunger. But I always have a back-up tummy for snacks and desserts. We then came across this waffle stall. It has displayed samples of waffle selection. The sign says $5 waffle with any toppings (strawberry, banana, maple syrup, chocolate, Nutella etc) “Can I get a waffle with strawberries and nutella?” “Yup that would be $9.” Our mouth dropped, but we still paid for it. It turns out $5 is only for the waffle itself, $2 for an extra topping. A white guy was taking a bite of his version of waffle said:” Wasn’t that great.” It was a rip off. The girl that was coating my waffle with the Nutella has no experience and doesn’t have the skill of applying Nutella.

I told her, “can you just add a little bit more of Nutella and she was like “you have to pay extra $2.” Nutella is not even expensive, the Nutella did not even cover the ⅓ of the bloody palm-sized waffle. That moment, I felt like taking the jar of Nutella and pour onto her head but I chose to maintain my sanity in public. AND Nutella is innocent in this sense. I don’t want to waste it.

I am virtually laughing for my stupidity when I saw a stall selling crumpet with Nutella for $2. I would just better off buying this. Then I saw another stall selling similar type of food and the lady was virtually and not hesitate in DIPPING the stick (maybe churros or something?) into the huge Nutella jar. I guess everyone has their standard of “whats the right amount.” Nutella was a heaven to me. That is why I stress so much about how much she apply on to that stupid waffle. The bloody waffle just spoils my appetite.




————————PART 2—————————-

I haven’t been on a proper ride for years. This time I told myself, I must be bold. I don’t care whether I get motion sickness or puke. It is just a matter of experience. But, I failed again. In Easter show, they call it the Coca-cola carnival. So, a common ride requires 7-8 coupons. Each coupon costs $1.

1. Going on the sky master wheel was not about appreciating the views. It soars high off the ground. To others, it ooks like a smooth ride with a view over the carnival area and the show ground. But to me it was relatively something new, I wasn’t afraid of heights, but was unfamiliar of the environment where everything twirls round and round. Looking what is at the bottom of my feet distracts myself from the part of twirling. On and off I shut my eyes. I try to scream to sound “normal”. 


2. Pirate revenge gets us wet. I would say a slight wet with the splash at the end, the seats were wet, our pants was wet but it dries off quite rapidly. Oh yes, I thought this looks simple, besides getting wet. But again I was wrong. When it was time to plunge down from the top to the ground like a typical roller coaster, I close my eyes for the first time. I felt something dropped, probably my heart. Then on the second time when I open my eyes, my torso almost fell apart. That was a short one, though I felt like going for a second time.


3. Cliff hanger was after our lunch and after some walk-arounds. We felt old because we need breaks in-between. This was like a kid’s ride but it is still a challenge for me. I felt like a superman, but I don’t think I will ever be one. Flying in high speed wasn’t a pleasant feeling, I don’t feel free. I try to let loose myself, but I don’t enjoy it. I just do it for the sake of challenging myself.


4. Taipan roller-coasters where the I sat in the car, it plummets from the heights and churns me through two gigantic drops and double high speed spirals. The car wasn’t actually secure. Every-time when it drops, my hands has to grip on the bar. Once you are nervous, your hands become sweaty and they become lubricant that assist the body to move around easily. My body has to stay close with my boyfriend during the ride. When the car turns each time, my body was forced to move abruptly. I must said it was a very thrilling ride. Ambiguously, I like it and hate it at the same time. 


5. Haunted hotel wasn’t that great. I didn’t know what was happening during the rides because I half closed my eyes. I knew someone was in there trying to scare us, the environment has disturbing images but I reckon it has only reached to the standard of scary cats. Probably I am the scary cat. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a high level of ghastly tolerance. The part where you have to put on your 3D glasses was not convenient for riders because I have to hold onto it while it kept slipping down and eventually you don’t see anything scary apart being in a dark environment. The sound was not haunting, maybe because we did it during the day time.


Display outside the ghost hotel

6. 9D cinema did not wow me. Imagine yourself watching a short film with the character’s point of view riding a roller coaster situated in the wild area. The bubble water fell on us twice when the screen brought us into the ice tunnel. I was thinking of something like the Honey I shrunk the kid 4D cinema in Disneyland where wires at the bottom of your seat tickles you when rats escape from the screen (resemble the tail of rats) or water splash o your face when the dog licks the screen (resemble the saliva). It was a let down of my high expectation, but if you are not keen of a real roller-coaster, this is the final option probably for kids.


7. Ferris wheel was our final ride. The take-it-slow ride was best to do it during evening or night. We thought night is not a good option because we wanted to watch the fireworks. Therefore we did it during evening, when the cool breeze caress our cheeks. I say this is a pleasant ride with a 360 degrees view of the Easter show ground. It would be better if it is a longer ride, but we understand a lot of people is queuing and waiting for their turn as well.

This is taken when I was on top

This was taken when I was on top


I have decided to touch up the selfie during our ferris wheel ride

I don’t know whether every youngsters have this sort of feeling where you wanted to be fearless when it comes to rides but I am just an extraordinary 21 y/o who does not favour that sudden exhilarating and heart-beating feeling. There are plenty of challenging rides that we did not end up going, because we have reached our limit (budget wise and capable wise). Insane rides with extra backflips, spins, turns and twists, I say no thank you to them. 

There are lots of happenings during my visit to the Royal Easter show so stay tune for Part 3 and Part 4  ^^




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