Why do people still complain despite their life is so much better than others?

The answer is directive and simple. When you think twice, what has given to you is sufficient compared to other people. We cannot not be sympathetic with people who have life that is much despair than us. Yet, we could not learn to be thankful and appreciate because we are not used to that particular life. Rather than saying we are not used to this such life, it is because we compared those we have a richer life than us. We simply do not compare with those who have a lower and poorer life.

It is true when you have lost someone, your emotions become insane and uncoordinated. But, you will sort of get used to it especially when you are living in a war zone countries. People over there suffered from diseases, bombing and poverty. There is simply no chance for them to think what they want in life. Unlike us, we think about jobs, career, latest brands of products and entertainment.

There is this short story that I read, the author visited an Iranian family in an Australian detention centre. They told her stories on how people die in front of them. They have nightmares every night especially the children. There are many sleepless nights.

We outsiders may genuinely feel their pain as they have no fault in escaping from the danger in their home town. Yet, a foreign country show no mercy for them. The already dark future of them is gradually becoming darker as they have no freedom, no rights and no life.

On the other hand, we complain how this doesn’t work and this is not good. How the government is not working well with their protocols, how the cheap machine is not functioning well, how the teacher is not teaching well, and how my parents could not afford to buy me branded stuffs. but we have never think on behalf of others who are living on the other side of the world who are facing a bigger ordeal, bigger than you imagine.

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