Being 21

Being 21 is the most daunting yet one of the most memorable steps to be taken by everyone.

I am sure everyone has been to that stage or is going to be jumping to that stage.

It tells me that I have to do something different from what I usually did in the past 20 years. Not so much difference in terms of number, but a lot of difference in terms of how you behave. A child might look at you and wonder why are you behaving like a middle-school kid when you are a university student .

Well, as a typical 21 year old- you ought to be mature, independent (that sort of old school thinking still legit), organized and managed your own money. As a jobless person, I have not experienced the working culture. Inside of me, there is fear and there is excitement. You wish you could go back to your study life but you just have to move on.

Becoming 21, I have realized our personality has no connection with our attitude. Our personality will be concealed and different attitudes surface when meeting different kinds of people. It is a logic fact but you only understands that when you are older. Naturally, your attitude is different when you are communicating with someone you are not fancy with and someone you like. People behave as such in university. They judge you and you have to be smart to either back off or continue to exude confidence in front of them. I bet it is the same in the working field.

I did not actually list down what are my resolutions but i just thought of them once in a while, reminding me that I have to be strong. Maybe someday when I look back when I was 21, there isn’t much that I have done. Talking about being 21, my biggest challenge would be taking 5 subjects per semester. I cannot fail this challenge, I do not have the time, the money and the effort.

I have done my list of assignments and deadlines. Hope it actually helps in my time management. I guess being 21 means you have to find something to occupy yourself, instead of wasting time. Being 21 means you have to start to appreciate what has been given to you. Everyone who is older than our generation have received a lot compared to their generation. They are certainly right. Maybe by being grateful, you may find the world is not such a bad place afterall.

Its the middle of the night and I am struggling on how to work with iTunes. Technology has never been my thing, yet I try my best to keep up with the people of my age. There is so much more to know in this world, but I am still holding myself and keeping myself in the save zone. That is definitely not a good thing, because people become knowledgeable as they grow older. Growing old with wrinkles, dull skin and white hair is not so creepy, it is just a biological process of ageing. But to me, the nightmare is not having a wise mind as you grow older.

After two weeks, I will have to venture the world of writing, not on this blog but my very crucial role in getting a degree in university. Wish me luck. I guess that is one of my birthday wishes.

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