even though life is not about following the footstep of others. We tend to naturalize ourselves, homogenizes our inner well-being, our perception and what is right or wrong by generally based on the dominant entities. It is definitely contagious as everyone trying to be like others. They do not wish to be excluded.

Just a quick note hoping that everyone will remain to yourself and no matter how much the society driven impact on our decision and choices. We still have to live with dignity on our own. There are a lot of things that may be true, that guide us to a comfortable life, some may not be the life we want but at least we are still living with an empty shell. That’s what all people relatively feel fortunate enough I guess. 

We can’t judge how people want to live because we have to first judge our own lives first. I think if you are suppressing your identity and follow, believe what others have to say to you. You might thank them for telling you that ‘you are different from them’ and change it. However, what goes around, comes back around- like really. 

Yes, you might wanna be someone so you are trying to be them. Therefore, we see how people changes- whether negatively/positively- can we tell? iF a person who is obese and trying to fit into a group. She might try to work on her body for the sake of assimilating a healthy life like others. That is a good thing but he or she will never forget the happy moments that she could just eat anything. Perceptions therefore constitute priorities whether people are able to give up something to achieve something. I guess if a shy person mix with a group of outgoing people, you might say is a good thing. Her quietness still remains hidden in her unconscious/pre-conscious, she will then go back to her state when she stays in her most comfortable zone. An outgoing person-you think he will settle down just because his friends are nerds (of course he will be bubbling with energy all year round). 

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