Labor is cheap, but talent is expensive

“Sweatshop” is a negative connotation of a working environment, referring to labor work that are claimed to be dangerous, not conducive and unacceptable. Regardless of what the law can help the laborer workers, the traditional logic is that labor is always cheap and people are trying to prevent that form of job. Throughout the history, no one tells us that labor work is an inspiring and perfect work which drove us all into the professional career paths. Other people, our parents, our teachers and our friends usually perceived talent is a gift, but hard labor work is a nuisance, dirty, menacing and not ‘useful’- in a cheap sense. 

We cannot deny that labor is cheap while talent and knowledge and brain is premium, expensive and glorious in this capitalist world. However, it is also true that some large, complex operations require the practical hands and skills to carry out the physical production and manufacturing. At the same time, a high-level management skill is in need to lead such operations, which aiming those who are branded ‘professionals’, ‘university graduates’, ‘masters’ and ‘doctors’. 

We came upon asking ourselves why managers who ‘mange’ the workers often receive relatively high pay while in many cases, laborer workers are often exploited in their wages. Of course without knowing the current market and the rate of inflation, I could not possibly assume that people with higher position is manipulating the workers of lower position. However, it is disheartening how we created a system that shows our unappreaciative towards those labor work. 

Yes, you are using an iPhone. Yes, you pay for it. Yes, you knew it was made in China…Then, what’s next? You wouldn’t even feel grateful towards the people who have put pieces of technological parts into your phone. Rather, people will emphasize on who has the brains to create such amazing mobile phone, who is the professional that genuinely design the interface of the iPhone. Even though both labor and talent are equally important, it is unfair that labor workers are not treated as well as they should be treated, they are left behind after a product is done and another product comes and go (It is a cycle of slavery). 

Well possibly you might think that they are only eligible to do this type of work, it is not our choice that they are born into such difficult life. We do not force the labor workers to work as a labor worker. We study so hard for our degree just to be able to sit in an air-conditioned office, comfortably go for meetings, contribute ideas and get off work, party and sleep comfortably with a roof on top. The labor workers are not given opportunity or there are some other reasons that force them into such work force. I am not asking for a change of labor work- because we still need construction workers, factory workers and cleaners. They are part of our community, society and humanity, just make sure you understand the whole scenario and not discriminate them because they are humans too.  


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