Daily Prompt: Childlike

My biggest regret was probably that I did not take up music in my early age. Able to play instrument is an honorable gift that not everyone has the talent to do so. Be familiar with the notes, keys and able to listen the pitch differences etc, you are truly remarkable. Judging my regret, if I were to force by my parents to take up piano- I would still be delighted that I was able to expose to the music world. However despite all that, my childhood was less stressful, breeze and less discipline.

Music is the soul of our life. It speaks and represents us. When we love a song, we wish we could play the song and connect with the song. Therefore, I truly wish I would have taken up music when I was a child, innocently and being passionate with music. As a child, you wouldn’t have any clue about what you are seeing, listening and experiencing. You will gradually understand the things that you are being told, taught and know your choices and perceived the world differently from others. Some feel the importance of music, some are just neutral about it, some might hate it. Naturally, regret is a past that we should let go because the most important thing is to focus on your present because the present determines your future ultimately and genuinely.


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