Being organized, Thou shalt

Being organized is a matter of practicing.

To be or not to be,

Whether you would change or choose to remain the old self.

To judge the importance or treat it as a trivial matter,

Whether you like to get things done or put them in the last minute.

Being organized is an issue of business.

To be racing with time,

Whether you will win over the time or being left behind.

Being organized is a system of multi-tasking.

To counteract with multiple of challenges in a short amount of time,

Whether you are able to apprehend and nail every single one of them.

Tell yourself that you are not lazy,

Push yourself so that you work,

Encourage yourself to put away distractions,

Make yourself believing in yourself,

Organizing is an easy job,

It takes time for you to take up such positive virtue in life.

Don’t rush in making things to work like it should be working.

But rush for all the possibilities.

Organized for dreams come true.

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