Get your butt up from the chair!

You must be glad that the technological era has bring upon tremendous modernization, convenience and civilization…But, think again. It has however fundamentally transform the period we spend sitting at home, during travel and at work. Therefore, this causes increase in health problems, such as nutrition deprive, obesity, slow metabolism, high blood pressure and insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. All of them will gradually develop the risk of having coronary heart disease.

Typically when do people sit?

–          Eating breakfast/lunch/dinner

–          Driving to work

–          Doing work at your desk

–          Watch television/movie

–          Waiting for the train/bus

–          Socialise and using the Internet

People just tend to ‘sit too much’- most of them spend more than half of their walking hours sitting. You have to be aware of such sedentary lifestyle is not beneficial for your health and try to move more throughout the day despite of how hectic your life is.

You want to be a couch potato. You always reckon it is comfortable lying on the sofa all day? Well, research so far has been saying how watching TV affects health, because this common leisure activity always involve the ‘activity of sitting’.

People who regular exercise, such as going to the gym, running, playing sports and swimming, can still sit for a long periods of time daily. For instance, people spend literally 60 minutes or more doing any form of physical activities, but they eventually spend 15 hours sitting which is over 90% of waking hours. This is definitely insane. Therefore, cardiovascular disease is frequently attacking humanity especially people who sit more throughout the day. No matter how active you are, there is no point of improving your health by merely exercising- the only key solution is sit less (even just by standing up helps!)

There are no public health guidelines as in how long adults should sit, a good guide is to decrease the time of watching television, using less of your computer and reduce playing electronic games (which involves a long period of sitting time). Reading books is also part of the no-no as people usually spend huge amount of time in carrying out ‘intellectual activity’ even though it is good to be reading educational materials. Other little things can be done including doing more house works, maintain your exercise routine, going for random walks more often and stand when you are on the train. In fact, studies have shown people who spent less than two hours a day watching TV, playing games and sitting using the mobile phone will have a lower risk of early death than people who did more than the limited time. 



Check out at for more tips on how to reduce sitting time. 


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