L.O.L at 15 photos that you need to look hard to understand

1. (This is not a dog politely riding the train to work.)

(This girl doesn’t have insanely hairy arms.)

(This is not a tiny man riding on a woman’s back.)

(This boy’s left hand is not actually massive.)

(This is not a tiny baby with fully grown legs.)

(The woman in lace actually has a head and the lady in her specs is not touching her own boobs, maybe she is? Lol)

(This is not a man with a really tiny head.)

(This woman actually does have a neck.)

(This is not a giant boy being kissed on the cheek.)

(This news anchor is not threatening his guest with an AK-47.)

(She doesn’t actually speed up when you look away from her, or slow down when you look at her. This is so cool!!)

(This woman is not levitating on a floating platform.)

(This isn’t a giant drop-kicking a normal sized man.)

(This is not a pair of well-dressed conjoined twins.)

(This woman is not snorting her friend’s hair. haha i reckon this s funniest!!)


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