Random diaspora thoughts/multiculturalism in Sydney: How everything changes…

In this post, I just wanted to highlight how diaspora of people from their home countries to another country is able to create such humungous impact on the image of the country which they immigrated to. Sydney is a renowned country as long as I can remember but the picture of Sydney has greatly shifted due to the so called ‘multiculturalism’. It is not an entirely pessimistic concept that the whites are able to learn and participate in foreign culture through the wide ranges of food, crafts, people and celebration. However, this sort of ‘polluted’ nation just creeps me and when people asked me:” How does it feel to study in a foreign country?” I wasn’t too enthusiastic in telling them the stories. All I can said is that English is more frequently used. It is not what they expected and particularly it is not what I have expected.

I remember hearing stories from my parents and their study experience in America/Canada where all circumstances are relatively rooted from a stranger land. This includes mixing with more natives and learning to adapt their culture, weather, ideas and lifestyle. It is true that we are still able to approach to their culture and lifestyle BUT the problem is of ASSIMILATION. Our ideas, ways of dealing matters and perception are entirely different from the locals. This creates the ‘difference’ that separates both of us between the locals and the international. Even though you are able to be-friended them and talked to them but when it comes to close bonding, we will still eventually go back to where we come from (we will feel a sense of comfort and belonging by mixing the same people). Imagine an Australian who travel to an Asian country to study/work, he or she will definitely feel a sense of unfamiliarity and inevitably would not understand the culture/lifestyle of the locals as much as he/she understands his/her nation, identity and home. No matter how friendly they are, there will always be a gap in between, a barrier that prevents us (the other) to cross over the dominant group (the locals).

Besides that, people that were not Aussie-born who are staying behind in Sydney to work, live and study will naturally cause the change in the environment. Possibly, the rural area still able to retain its original side of nature but I must argue that the urban areas show the significant consequences due to such phenomenon.  Urban or suburban are able to provide necessities like work opportunities, universities, medical centres, shops, groceries and convenient transport modes. Due to this reason, many people wish to continue their life in urban areas. I am not being racist here but somehow certain types of people from other countries are not as hygienic compared to the locals. I am also being judgemental when I see toilets that were used by the Asians are usually not as clean compared to the toilets that were frequently used by the Westerners. Some people are not considerate enough to do their part. Thus making this clean country slowly transforming in becoming a sort of Asian-like country where some parts of the city smells like rotten egg with litters can be seen on streets distinctively. This is disheartening to see such civilised nation has such nature where culture plays a big influence.

Again, I would like to emphasize that I am not stereotyping in my own race but genuinely if you start to look at Sydney, it is not as great as you think. You may see the pretty Harbour Bridge and Opera House (the scenic view…Yes! It’s still pretty, they are still the same but the environment doesn’t make me feel the same anymore despite the monuments and building are looking tall, statute, historical and fantastic). The most crucial aspect is to keep the nation clean and I think it is the hardest part to maintain as more people and more different kinds of people are coming in and we will never know what they will do to the nation itself- possible bringing new culture and possible of bringing in their bad attitude at the same time. 

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