Share a meal

When it comes to family values- I often cherish those moments especially when everyone is departing towards their hectic life (the end of seasonal holidays!). Even though the general aspect of spending time together is mainly sharing a meal (food always brings us comfort despite rain or shine)

I looked back to those times that how everyone enlighten themselves- telling stories to one another, joking around and making fun of each other. I was a relationship maniac that everyone that has stepped into my world will eventually seek my attention and care. 

No matter friends or family gatherings, food often draws out good conversation. It is an uncomplicated process where food makes you comfort and relax. Thus, through the nourishment and the loving hearts of the ones that prepare the meal, we learn to appreciate the efforts of others. Gradually, we must learn to embrace the company of one another.

You will only realize the imperative of such people and memories by experiencing the otherness (the extremeness and the adversity) People would not know until they have lost something or someone which slowly and eventually, they will try to get back to the other ‘utopia’ space.


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