Listening to music is good for your health


It is interesting how we always like to associate music to our feelings. We feel that the rhythms are connected to our ‘heart’ as if they are telling a story. Sometimes whether we are happy or sad, we wish to choose a remedy that blocks us away from reality. When feeling down and broken-hearted, listening to some uplifting music is not just able to mend heartbreak, but also now a study has found that it can, in fact, strengthen the heart – and improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease. Indeed, everyone likes positive changes especially it doesn’t cost much.

The study

Cardiologists said their findings suggested that people who simply listen to their all-time favourite tunes could relatively improve their health especially the heart. The report, presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s annual congress in Amsterdam stated that the key changes is due to the release of hormones while listening to music. Just like exercising, listening music allows your body to release endorphins which not only enhance your vascular health but also makes you happy and cheerful. According to researchers, music that has no lyrics are proven to be most effective because some words in sad music may trigger the negative emotions.

For the study, patients with cardiac disease were divided into three groups. Some were enrolled in exercise classes for three weeks. Others were put in the same classes, but also told to listen to music of their choice for 30 minutes every day. A third group only listened to music, and did not take cardio-vascular exercise, which is usually prescribed to those with heart disease. At the end of the trial, the patients who had listened to music as well as exercising had boosted crucial measures of heart function significantly, and improved their exercise capacity by 39 per cent. The group that took only aerobic exercise improved their capacity by 29 per cent. Even those who took no exercise and only listened to their favourite music for half an hour a day improved their exercise function by 19 per cent, the study of 74 patients found.

Unfortunately not every music is good for the heart or I should say is less good for the heart. When a researcher examine the impact of music implied that some type of music especially heavy metal will be more likely to raise stress levels, while opera, classical and other kinds of ‘‘joyful’’ music were more likely to stimulate endorphins.


Prof Delijanin Ilic, the lead investigator, from the institute of cardiology at the University of Nis, Serbia, said: ‘listening to one’s favourite music and doing so in addition to regular exercise may be an adjunct method in the rehabilitation of patients with coronary artery disease.” Both methods are able to boost the inner joy in patients, it is claimed that such create a positive effect on the disease.

“There is no ’best music’ for everyone – what matters is the person able to choose his/her favourite which made him/her happy enough.” They are relaxed because they are not constricted in the options.

The effect of music

“Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together.” (Edgar Winter)

Music plays an imperative role in culture as people would not grow a passion onto such subject and share the same interest among different population. Dancing will not existed if music cannot be played. Therefore, the effect of music is significantly seen in concerts, gatherings and parties where different forms and types of human race listen to the same piece of music and develop a similar emotions.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” (Berthold Auerbach)

Music can serve as a creative outlet to release or control emotions and thus help us find ways of coping with difficult situations. It can improve mood by reducing stress. Our response to music is mainly a matter of emotion and intuition. Martial music can arouse fervour. Loud, jarring, music can stimulate violence and anger. Other music can relax us, delight us, or deeply move us enlarging our capacity for spiritual experience.

“There’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it.” (Mickey Hart)

Perhaps music has such a big effect because it speaks directly to human emotion. If the way we feel is the prime feature of our lives then it is inevitable that we find music such an important entity in society. Even though technologies kept improving, the activity of listening to music will never change. We simply do it most for the sake of connecting with our inner spiritual rather than for health purposes.



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