That very moment

After watching a spectacular fireworks, I asked myself:” How long can I conserve this very moment?”

“Would I ever remember that very moment after a few years?”

“Yes! When I looked back the video- I remember but then I wouldn’t recall every small little details that collage into that very memorable moment.”

We all cherish live performance because there aren’t any opportunity for us to really play back that instant experience.

Watching it from TV and watching from recorded videos are very different form of encounters. 

When I told myself every moment is a special one, naturally that moment will speedily become the bygones. 

That very moment when you wanted to playback is quite impossible, it is almost like travelling back time.

You can’t possibly pause that moment because moments are time and time has to move on for us to venture. 

After we have venture that time, it is no longer available for us to ‘keep’.

Yes, maybe it was well-kept in our safe of heart but will it remain the same as what we have seen during that moment when you look back and think back?

That moment is not a singular occurrence but rather, children may be cheering for fireworks, adults may be capturing photos of the fireworks, dogs may be sleeping under the sky full of fireworks, people may be holding drinks and watching the fireworks, people who were in-charge of the fireworks may be busy, people who were working in the restaurant may only hear the symphony of the fireworks but couldn’t see and others that weren’t near the fireworks may not aware of what is going on…

Therefore, that very moment should be cherish because it is and it will always be once in a life time- at least in the present days.

Who knows? Maybe there are the exact same thing happening in a different time and that time will be telling a whole new different stories in a separated perspective.  


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