Top 10 ways to live Younger from

‘Sometimes it is every little things that we do that help us look and feel younger than we really are.’

You might be thinking appearance often determines our youth. Well, youth just comes from the bottom of your heart. Keep in mind that being young is not just by means of ‘looking’ younger but rather ‘living’ younger.  Being playful, acting young and childish can tremendously reduce daily stresses, improve our critical thinking, judgments and having the ability to solve problems. According to the recent research on the impact of play, it aids our physical well-being and if everyone remember: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Thus, play is equally crucial as sleep, diet and exercising as it determines our overall health. We are encouraged to assimilate as little as ten minutes play time into our everyday routine so that the benefits of play can be acquired.

Dr. Adam Fraser, evian Live Young expert, shares 10 top tips and tricks to live young and experience those benefits:

1) Get some friends together, go to a toy store, buy some toys and have a play day.

Think play dough, finger painting, water guns, art wall and even treasure hunting! Explore a traditional environment that you are able to feel the inner magical as a child. I am sure these little play are able to put a smile on your face. Please stay away from your Internet first. A similar way of going to a water themed park or attending an art workshop.

2) Turn your favourite song up loud in the kitchen and dance to it.

This is probably one of my best. Nothing goes wrong with this except your neighbor might make a fuss. Let go of your inhibitions and just enjoy yourself without worrying what others think. It might work best if you dance some crazy uncoordinated steps with loud music.

3) Have a tickle fight.
You might be thinking:” How does this gonna work?” Well, tickling ensure you have a good teary laugh. This ensures uncontrollable laughter that will leave a lasting smile on your face. This is not even planned and if everyone is up to mood, a spontaneous tickle fight is a good way to lighten everyone’s mood.

4) Jump up and down until you’re out of breath.

Another way to release endorphins that will definitely make you feel great. It is almost similar to working out but this natural and effortless method is more likely to make you feel like a young kid jumping up and down on the bed without any reason. Maybe, you can try taking a picture with everyone jumping up.

5) Build a cushion fort in your living room.

Let your creative mind guide you and revisit a hobby from your childhood that always felt exciting and fun. What I do is build a tent with pillows and blanket with my siblings and that always work in putting smiles on our faces.

6) Play in the mud and don’t stress about the dirt.
This carefree activity stops you from taking yourself seriously and allows you to let loose without an afterthought. It can help put things into perspective. Well of course you can always substitute mud/dirt with beach sand or go on a mud bath?

7) Have a pillow fight.

A really fun way to make everyone happy and a way to temporarily release the burdens on your shoulder. There is also an international pillow fight day just to allow everyone to relieve stress.

8) Draw a picture and don’t worry about how good it is.
I find drawing is a really good hobby. Even though it requires some great skills and creativity, it doesn’t matter in this case as the activity emphasizes creativity and try to let your own ideas flow (don’t stop yourself). Celebrate your individuality through this activity.

9) Race.

This can be done instantly whether you are at school, office, at home or outside. You can be racing up the stairs, in a park or in the racing tracks.

10) Play on the swings, sea-saw and slides during break-time

You might worry about your image but well, if you have someone accompanying you- This effortless, fun activity ensures that you will indulge your childhood memories and escape any realities just for a while.

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