Fan fiction

In today’s ubiquitous media culture, individuals are constantly subconsciously bombarded with a huge array of cultural artefact, and usually the individual will have no way of knowing in advance how a particular book and movie will affect him/her. You may develop so much love towards people or characters that you do not even know them, so much that you spend huge amount of time on doing research and day dreaming about them.

Sometimes when I am deeply moved by a cultural artefact, I will feel drawn to create a new worked based on the old.  Of course I feel like writing down despite of the time-consuming factor. If there is no time on my hands, I would still have countless of imageries lingering on my mind waiting to explode. These ideas may not be relevant towards the original work but there is no legal saying that we can’t do it- but of course there’s always limitations.

You can’t satisfy everyone’s craving for a story. A story never ends and even if they do in a professional written/created fiction, there will always be someone that continues inserting new characters, new plot and possibly new relationships that were totally of unexpected. WE are naturally storytellers and often think about any of your favourite television shows, I am sure everyone has ponder on what will happen if… or what would happen if the plot goes to an opposite direction and what would it be like if this character has some sort of linking with the other character instead of this character.

Why do people go for that extra miles? These people are living in fandom. At the same time, they love writing and developing their ideas based on an existing work. Even if this counts as infringement, people do not care as long as they show their so called loyalty towards the canon (original work that fan fiction writers based on). The whole load stuff that I have been going through is known as fan fiction. So what exactly is fan-fiction? Basically, the activity of creative writing that is based on any identifiable of popular culture such as Dr. Who, High School Musical, Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight or any pop artists such as One Direction, Justin Bieber and Korean male singer group.

These unprofessional writing is a culture that builds upon the passion of fan community in generating a wide range of media-related stories that some may be good to read and some may be too absurd. It is a creativity of making over that speaks for us as writing itself is a form of communicating ideas. I have one of my friend enjoys writing fan fiction on Super Junior (A Korean Male Band). Even though I haven’t got the time to read them but I am sure she benefits from her hobby just like I benefit from blogging. There are no rules in fan fiction. Well, unless your nature of fan fiction has affected the original work in terms of profit and popularity.

Fan fiction can outweigh the original work as it is free and possibly people thinks that the story is better than the copyrighted work. Fan fiction is nothing bad as long as the writers respect the original story, characters and the author itself. Filling the so called ‘gap of the story’, creating your own world and dispersing all around the net is a very logical thing to do as we can’t let creativity stops whether that piece of work is less appealing or not.

Commercial factor has led to a barrier of copying, this includes the heart of the original work: the characters. If the public or fans are that good of coming up with their own characters and story, they wouldn’t need to rely on your work. Therefore, it is a privilege for them to use your work instead of becoming your competitors in the market.   

Fan fiction is the best representation of free culture. It is democratic- people get to vote which story is the best. It is non-hierarchical- there is no authorized person in governing what you produce. Besides that, the exchange of texts become a communal thing between fans. 

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