The New iOS7

To be honest, I have absolutely no ‘skill’ or professional judgement in technological staff based on their function. However, when it comes to designs and interfaces of phone such as the latest Apple iOS7, I am still able to tell whether I like it or not. When I first got my Apple iPhone 4S, I was thrilled but those excitement fade as time goes by. You are no longer mesmerized at the same interface after 6 years or less, therefore it is crucial for Apple to re-design a new operating system.

Some people may like the new version of iOS but some may just feel like criticizing the changes. I have been browsing around just to see the changes. The Apple operating system uses a ‘parallax’ effect in their digital display which is designed to make the phone screen appear more 3D. I have actually quite fond at the iconography because the icons seems to be more cheerful, colourful, vibrant and cartoony which suit my character pretty much. It would be quite disappointing if the interface remains to be mature, modern and dull. Also, you are able to invert the colours to make your phone appears like a 1980’s electro-pop album cover (which is definitely not my preference).

The ‘enter passcode’ was something different- I would not say something relatively surprising but at least it can still keep me aware of this new system. The closing apps become more complicated but I do enjoy flipping up the apps because again I would like to emphasize how I love making contact with recent tools and playing with them. As an amateur, I have absolutely no idea on how to work on this as I am still unfamiliar with the hidden features of iOS 7.

Camera is the next main application that I have to check it out. The redesigned app allows you to scroll to different sections: video, photo, square, pano. Apple has also added effects and retain their usual auto-enhance. For those who want to capture pictures in burst mode, you are able to snap multiple shots in quick succession by just clicking and holding the volume-up button. The calculator, torch, brightness adjustment, camera and timer are under a short-cut pop up screen: which I guess there is a slight convenience. The safari’s webpages are arranged in a much coordinated and in an array sort of version. The text are slightly bold and clearer to look at and the effects are quite apparent in their enhancement.

Personally, should we even care on the layout of Apple’s apps such as calander, notes, messages and contacts or the way the icons look whether they look tacky, classy or overtly-childish? Most of our apps are other apps that are not related to Apple so why should we bother? Apple Vice President of Design Jony Ive did the right thing so that we don’t have to face the same visual design of iOS 6 for another year or so.

One day, there will be iOS 8 that will be looking as brand new as ever and the iOS 7 will be so old that you may surprise yourself why did you ever like that design at the first place. Yes, it looks pretty good while it is still fresh and trendy- but things get ‘expired’. They lost their value especially in this highly competitive market. No one is going to comment about the iconography. What matters is when people go into a store to buy a new phone, iOS 7 will amaze them. When regular people compare the next iPhone to the Galaxy S4 or HTC One, it will look just as new. People seems to be choosing what’s best for them, technically they will choose the newest models. I reckon iOS 7 can be a start of something new. Once, Apple has started to focus on their look. They will soon emerge into a phase and fix their lag issue and improve the apps’ function rather than concentrating on how to look fantastic and appealing. 




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