“Why does everything have to be so hard?”

This is the question we asked ourselves almost everyday, every minute and every second: “Why does everything have to be so hard?” When you get up from bed and start to think the things you have to do today, automatically you wish to back off from the difficulties in life. How do you learn to embrace positiveness and endurance in life? Below are three ways to counteract with the hardship in life. It doesn’t matter whether they are hard for you and easy for others- it is just a matter of time for you to adjust yourself and adapt the environment. 


1. Daily challenges ultimately train you to become stronger and more resilient.
There are a lot of people learn from challenges and after some time of knowing how to handle those stresses, they became more confident in the future when they stumble across any challenges. You may truly wish that there are no stress in life, but trust me: even people who aren’t working or studying have to face some daily annoyances or bite-sizes events from time-to-time. Inevitable, an environment forces someone to be resilient or non-resilient whether the person is on a vacation or a battle of workload and exams. Of course, too much stress in your life makes you unhappy and depressed but the everyday challenges are seen as a condiment to push you into pursuing happiness of reaching your desires and goals in life.

2. Hard times can always teach you something.
Difficult times help to give a perspective that the only way to see a glimpse of light is by shutting yourself in a cave of complete darkness. The experience that you have gained through the adversity educates yourself and at the same time, you know how to judge a problem and relatively improve how you may work out the similar problem next time. They are not wasted and you are able to realize how others might felt if they are going through a similar experience. Next time, you might be able to help others as well. When during hard times, people just wish to ignore and that is the key problem. Hard times are there to tell you there is something wrong and you need to fix it: It is like a maths problem that needs to be calculated.

3. Things can turn around at any moment.
If you find yourself falling down from the top to the bottom all of a sudden,, it’s easy to believe your life will never be back on top. However, things can and will be different the sooner you adopt a positive attitude. I have understand that overtly-confident doesn’t help much but at least there is a fighting power in you. Think about it: If you go about your day in a terrible mood, believing that life will always be hard, you are blinding yourself to the blessings and opportunities that come knocking at your door. Living the same day with a positive attitude can open you up to an entirely different world. You may feel people are nicer, you may feel people around you are guiding you and helping you, you may feel lucky and you may feel everything is meant to be.

Everyone realizes that life is tough. The question is: What are you going to do about it? Are you just going to sit there and do nothing? 

By choosing to believe that you can benefit and learn from life’s difficulties, you will view the adversities in your life a completely different way. If you refuse to trust thee rolling of the dice and wish to control your fate by not accepting challenges. When bad things happen, you may not be able to handle well. Whether we live today just because we have regretted that yesterday is not good enough or we live today just because we want a good tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. The choice is yours to make- will you chase the opportunity to learn, grow and help others or just enclosing yourself in miserable?

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