Daily Prompt: Standstill

I understand this wasn’t the best time to do blogging for me but I really have to pour out my emotions because I could not handle the current situation.

If time stands still for a moment today, I can tweak one thing while its stopped. I will definitely erase the unhappy moments that are happening right now. Time standstill and we wish to grab hold those happy moments back then. Things have changed.

I remember saying about conflict, understanding and love in my last post. Yet every conflict could not be easily solved as I thought it will be. When one problem is not solved, another comes attacking and knocking on our door.
Therefore I wish I can tweak this while its stopped. I want peace. I am not taking anyone’s side. This is my personal thought. Every piece of advice that i have provided sincerely wants everyone to be happy. I am logical. I am rational. I pray for the once happy family. Please come back. That’s what I will do if I can tweak one thing while its stopped.

Things are getting worse and seems like there is no light in the silver linings. I thought I have carry out my responsibility well but I still can’t help to make things better. My poor younger sister as the middle child has no one to talk to. It is a mess at home. There is only gloominess at home because no one dares to venture out and reach for the sunlight.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Standstill

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  2. “…no one dares to venture out and reach for the sunlight.”

    Unfortunately, this is the world that we live it. It is happening everywhere and seems to be growing exponentially. You are not alone; there is a small glimmer of hope at the end of a very long tunnel.

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