Inspiring 100 yr old woman

I have a story to tell. One of my aunt’s friend’s mother-in-law is a lovely 101 year old person who is smart, alert, understanding and kind. She becomes everyone’s role model for her remarkable life experience. Indeed, I am serious about people who live up to 100 years old are no joke. 

Senior like her, first amazed a youngster like me during her 100th year old birthday when she could read the birthday greetings on the card that I have wrote to her. She eats properly (crabs, rice, soup…anything you name it). She cares for her cleanliness and able to recognize you if she has seen you before even after several years. She has a lot of stories to tell and we patiently become her audiences. She was happy and proud of herself. Judging from a person’s point of view, a 100th year old normally wouldn’t be able to stay active, to stay conscious of what is happening around her and we are also happy to know her. 

After two weeks from her 100th birthday, we received a call from my aunt’s friend delivering a shocking news to us. She is living in a nursing care home. The home was great and a conducive environment, unlike some old folks home that the seniors are not properly taken cared. The shocking incident was virtually put us into speechless mode. Apparently, she was abused by one of the care takers. However, our heroin grandma is able to relate the incident to the nursing home and request for the police. Then the commotion continued and grandma has to repeatedly tell the police how it happened and kept providing some detailed information such as “how long have you been in this home?” and “Can you point out who is the criminal from all the photos?” 

The first abuse was carried out and grandma let it go because she knew she is old and couldn’t care much but the second time where she cried in pain and being rejected when she asked for medicine lead her to no choice.  For a person like her, she wasn’t tired or traumatized because she knew she has to stand up courageously to report such malicious act so the person who abused her can be kept away from other seniors as well. The cruel abuse that the ‘animal’ did include hitting her in the face, making bruises on her wrists and wiping pampers on her face. These are inhumane and how could you do something like that to such vulnerable person. Grandma even told us that she pleaded that person not to do it the next time but she still insisted on doing. 

I sincerely hope that punishment will be enforced for her beastly sins and may grandma will not have to undergo such ordeal again especially for her age. Grandmawas actually a businesswoman during her working days. She was not allowed to receive education (only her brother is permitted) but she sneakily learn to read and she has great talent in calculation on abacus. Thus, she helped out her dad’s business during her young age. This shows her as a woman empowerment, feminism and a true heroin that would never fail to show us  that life is not meant to scare us away but challenges us everyday.  

5 thoughts on “Inspiring 100 yr old woman

  1. This world is full of beasts. Where is that beast lady? I hope she was punished brutally….hanged to death!!!! How can people do such things to old people, how???

    Granny is such a courageous lady!! Wow!!! Hats off to her!! She must be awarded for showing such a courage in this age. My regards to her…!

    • The beast lady is actually living quite near the nursing home. Therefore the nursing home is having someone to guard granny now. She is indeed a courageous and strong-determined lady.

  2. Oh!! That’s sad!! no action was taken against this lady by the police. I would really suggest you to write about her acts in all the local newspapers and even report it again to the police. Such people should be fully exposed.
    That’s good to hear Granny is safe.

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