Does Google Made us Stupid?


Does Google made us stupid?

Long time ago when there is no Internet, people have to search from the gigantic Encyclopaedia book when unaware of a knowledge or when they need to acquire certain type of information. The content has to be updated constantly, going through the trouble of printing new editions.

When I have questions on my mind or something that I am curious about, Google becomes my very best friend. Nowadays, everyone is heavily rely on technology and Google becomes the very normative conversation among us. “Let’s Google about it!” “Just Google!” “Easy, just Google it!” “Let me check on Google”.

It is not a mere convenience but also a relatively globalized culture that is instilled in everyone. Google search comes in different languages which makes it so easy for him, her, us, them and I. The statement of “Google making us stupid” is not entirely true because Google is just like a dictionary that helps us gaining knowledge and understand about the world in a more accessible way.

Even though Google owns the things that we have posted on the Internet, perceiving positivity about sharing information is a much better option than thinking what we is up there is authorized by Google. By doing the collaborative system, plurality of thoughts come together and the world virtually becomes closer. When you know more, it doesn’t make you stupid at all but pushes you to seek information because one, it is easy, two, everyone is doing it and three, it is less time consuming.

By all means, “Google made us stupid” probably meant us possessing a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to searching information particularly the hard way of using books. It means our brain are trained in responding fast on searching the net rather than hard copies of books. Often, we feel more tired reading a long chapter of a book than a short article on the Internet. For instance, we no longer go to the library just to find out about the history of Cold War, we will be more likely to seek information on the net. Only researchers and scholars who needs the in-depth knowledge reach out for books. Time has changed. Despite how much we depend on Google and how much we rely it for the sake of information accessible, we just cannot simply eliminate the ambiguity of that statement. Google is our main information source that governs our understanding, at the same time affecting our cognitive memory. The most crucial part of education is to acquire knowledge rather than depend on memorization. When we forgot something, search engine becomes a much convenient and economic option for the public.

“[It] helped create the belief in an independent world of mathematically measurable sequences.” However, he says that this, along with plenty of other instances in technology, created a powerful dichotomy. “In deciding when to eat, to work, to sleep, to rise, we stopped listening to our senses, and started obeying the clock.” (Carr, 2008)

p/s: Check out Nicholas Carr’s book “Is Google Making us Stupid?”


5 thoughts on “Does Google Made us Stupid?

  1. I don’t believe Google is making us stupid. I believe to the contrary. All of us to carry knowledge at our fingertips. No longer do we need to wait to fill our brains because this library, this teacher, never sleeps. We are getting smarter in our knowledge of how to learn. There are too many facts to rote learn as generation before us did and as such this style of learning is no longer relevant. By the way …I heard your opinion brought the charm of Google 😉

  2. Yes. I agree with you that my grammar is still terrible and my knowledge still requires a huge improvement. As you have to understand, I’m still learning English. English is not my first language. I love the language, that’s why I’m trying my best to practice with it. Last year, I was finding daily topics to write, so bear with me if you find my writing disturbing or have disgraced your language.
    Thanks for your feedback, I will try to work on my writing.

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