Notice Your Pace

Everyone has their significant pace. ‘Pace’ defines the speed, the rate and explain the steps whether they are quick or slow. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with someone on how they did their work and compared with how you did yours. For my opinion, as long as you have met the deadlines, you should not consider having an issue with your pace. 

Norms have emphasize ‘efficiency’ is the key to success- be prompt, action-taker and multi-tasking. These are the elements of ‘surviving’ in society. Everyone is trying their best to shift into the fast-pace zone yet they didn’t realize that not everyone is born with doing things quickly, yet they know they should be capable since others are doing it right. They ended up making mistakes, screw up some tiny details and hastily finish their tasks. These are just not meant to be. Thinking that you would save a lot of time to do other things but the “burden on your shoulder” that you have put away, have to repetitively redo or receive undesirable consequences. 

I understand how business people perceived time as the crucial part that a second shouldn’t be wasted. However before moving the pace too quickly, make sure you have already used to such pace (It has been fixed!). Decision-making has to be made in a fast pace, yet taking your time to analyze each decision is nothing wrong. You might feel the urge to just give everyone your decision since people are pushing you. But, it is always good to free yourself from others and use the alone time to think. 

There are some examples that working slow pace is actually alright…

For instance, people who looked down (have less favourable desires) on celebrities who are not A-listed illustrates the ‘slow pace’. Even though it is just meant to notify the differences, the comment/statement is still full of criticism and mockery (“Oh, I don’t like him/her, he’s/she’s not that famous”). Not everyone is lucky enough to rise as stars just went they step into the entertainment industry, you need time and hard work to prove your ability before someone actually love your acting/singing. Normally celebrities who have not become world renown, not many would actually notice him/her during debut? This reflects not only singers, actors but directors and producers. A book may not be famous when it is published but gradually when someone re-made into movies- people love the book (it requires years and years to work on a book, therefore there is no harm in slow pace). 

Another example would be exercising such as yoga/pilates. Taking it slow is able to train your sustainability in maintaining the posture and still sweat quite a bit. Eating slow aids digestion and you will be likely to eat less because you feel full after several slow bites. Studying ‘slow’ means quality study on every chapters instead of quickly finishing all the chapters and end up not remembering anything. Taking slow in relationship is able to enhance the trust and understanding between one another. 

Obviously, I am supportive on the slow pace side but it doesn’t meant that slow pace is entirely good. It is always advantageous to be balance- work fast and at the same time without rushing yourself. Also, you are able to recharge yourself by taking it slow then reset the fast mode after resting. When things are slow down, you are able to notice what your normally wouldn’t notice. You may actually find the tranquility and harmony (the inner peace) inside of you. Therefore, people who are always in the rush tend to be hot-tempered and grumpy. 


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