The spontaneous (temporary) guilt with Online streaming

I hate to be honest with everyone that it is illegal to download any songs, dramas, movies or videos that are protected under the copyright law. You have to either pay for what you see or subscribe to where you get the sources from. It is very disheartening and annoying. I was watching Korean drama just then and at the same time, I was thinking about the issue of copyright (therefore, the sudden overwhelming guilt juggle my emotions) Then, I proceed to watching because I know I wouldn’t bother to buy or wait. 

WE just do it because it is assumed that we ‘can’ do it since ‘others’ are doing it. We are not sued for downloading a movie that has just been released in the theater, nobody told us that we have to abide the law by not taking anything from the Internet. Imagine if you ask some street pedestrian on the road and ask where they get their songs- and if it is illegal, try telling them:” But, you are not suppose to download illegally!” And they will probably laugh and think you are crazy. 

People are still arguing the ambiguity of the Net, it creates a free flow of information but at the same time, it was difficult to control the dissemination of materials. Downloading was first inspired by my dad. I wasn’t too concern about the harm of illegal download, more of obtaining the entertainment stuff that I have been craving for days. Of course we consciously know that this is not right but we still do it because no punishment is applied to such act. I would feel guilty because the fact that we are streaming dramas and movies online doesn’t really help the entertainment people in their ratings and profits. I feel bad but it is still a non-permanent thing because I know I will still continue to be browsing free stuff to watch online.It wasn’t about me being online streaming/downloading addict but more of the culture that has nurtured us into choosing what is best for us (being individualistic). 

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