Resist, Adapt, Love

We hate changes. We despise something unfamiliar that every time we woke up in the morning, there will be a different ruling system, different government, different wars, strangers around us and the extra pepper & salt added to our  life. We just don’t like the deconstructed life. How irony it is that we still love all those surprises that stumble on our doorstep, we learn to welcome them with open arms, let it be negative or positive. Norms telling us that we should resist, adapt and love them, we should sometimes suppress our natural personality and do something just to reap ‘bonuses’, ‘reward’ and great ‘outcomes’. 

Despite how much we resist the change throughout the growth of our life, we still learn to adapt the changes because it is impossible to move on without changes. Everybody has to leave high school one day and move forward to university, work and society. It is a matter of perspective. When you think you are fixed to the life as a student and unable to cope with the work culture, think twice because the environment forced you to adapt and ‘love’ (even if you don’t, you have to).

When you think you hate watching news and documentaries, you resist them. In the end, you choose to study about them and adapt them. Eventually, you love them. You hate doing a particular sport, you try to stay away (resist). One day, you just found out that your crush love that particular sport, you have to adapt and love it in order to maintain the mutual interest between the both of you. People may resist what they hate, but in the end they adapt it for the sake of other, for the sake of society, for the sake of self-consciousness and for the sake of ‘growing’.

One day, when you love something until you couldn’t possibly let go- that is when things get difficult. Adaption is easy, loving something is easy (a habit, a person, an item, a brand) but our perception is hard to change, once it has pass through the ‘love’ stage.  

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