Toy Story- Barbie

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy? 

As a girl, I was naive. Typically I was ‘poisoned’ by this toy.

I could possibly made this statement now as I am not devoting my time on ‘Barbie’ but she is a very interesting toy to look at.

She was my favourite play thing at all time excluding Bratz Doll. Barbie was every girl’s ideal representation. She has such a small waistline that everyone dream of having it. She has her own house, car, circle of friends and her WARDROBE without needing to work. You will understand that she also portrays a lot of character from a singer, a dancer, a housewife, a beach goer, a shopaholic, a party girl to an office lady. There are so many clothing designs for her that she will never run out of good wears UNLESS the owner is too poor to buy more clothes for the toy.

As a child, you quickly develop a habit of neglecting old toys to new toys. Thus, we have to change the barbie’s clothes every few days so that we won’t get bored in less than a month. This remembrance is part of my childhood that I am partially regret because the ideal concept is constructed in my mind for almost permanently. Although I can try changing that perception but it wouldn’t stop me from fantasizing about a life with no boundaries and relaxation. The other thing that I am not regret is it sort of create an environment that my childhood is complete. You don’t have to play with a variety of toys just to enhance your childhood experience. One prominent toy is able to affect your behaviour and attitude in certain ways. This is not judging that every toys is malignant to children but it is crucial to maintain balance.

Barbie has such a big impact on children, especially girls which she informs that you could be just like her if you are pretty and have a nice body. I understand that Barbie is delivering the wrong message but girls will still continue drawing attention to her. The only Barbie movie that I have watched during my childhood is the Nutcracker which I think it is a fantastic one. It brings us hope and we learn to view the world with positive. I still remember having a historical Barbie book (which is still sitting on my book shelf) talking about the transformation of Barbie from when it is first developed, 70’s, 80’s and till the present in terms of fashion, the toys (houses, amenities and accessories). Indeed, it was a beautiful memory with my younger sister which we share this book, browse through every page content and pick our own favourite Barbie repetitively. It was like our best past-time and sisterly bonding period.


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