What happens when a drama ends??

When we were so desperately and eagerly wanting to find out how the story ends up to, the time will eventually come upon quite unexpectedly.

When that time comes, we will be taking things slow. 

I can’t believe its ending now.

When a drama ends, your life will also be affected.

You will no longer be looking at the same story, you will no longer will watching the events evolving in the same context.

Next time when you are seeing the same actor/actress who perform in a new role, it is not the same anymore.

You have to start reflect on how to give up the world that you are associating with the actor/actress.

They are no longer the same people who say the same thing, who have the same trait or have the same love interest.

A drama ends means the world is no longer exist, the drama world that you have been watching will completely shut down.

Even a sequel will not made the world the same as the first one.

When a drama ends, happy ending or tragic ending would be the full stop of the characters’ life.

You can either continue imagining the remaining life of every characters in the drama or made up a different story with the same characters. 

That is the purpose of drama, it started with some form of ‘creativity’ then it stops- you have to give up, let it be or being innovative in your own world. (imagine what will happen to each characters. Will there be challenges? Will there be obstruction in their life? Will something happen that changes a character’s perception or thoughts?)

Some dramas never end, which make it worst for audiences: You are simply addicted to the drama, suddenly the production stops and one day you will no longer be significant of the images you have been watching or excited about it. 

People forgets and their life goes on. 

Reality is still something that is prominent that can never be removed. 

It is probably not as easy as the life or scenes we saw in dramas but it will never end as stories go from one generation to the other (which means an infinite of sequels~)

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