Click here for Instafitness: Shaping up on social media

Click here for Instafitness: Shaping up on social media

Yes, time has changed and technological shift has impacted on our lifestyle.

We were more likely to travel by car or public transport to reach a certain destination, thus we are moving less and less compared to our great grandfather era.

Then, people started to be conscious of their ‘health’ or more so achieving the ‘right’ body. Fitness becomes the ‘in’ thing and if you are not heading to the gym, you will be deceive as an ‘outcast’. Well, I did exaggerated a little but there are a lot of youngsters are going to the gym nowadays. After they have turned 18, they are claimed  to be legit in joining the trend.

The development of health and body conscious among many teenagers and youngsters coincides with social media such as Instagram when fitness themed hasgtags were largely used on pictures uploaded by them. You would probably have tonnes of newsfeed on Facebook with guys showing off their six-pack or girls showing their abs/flat tummy. Being active in the gym is not enough, you got to prove to everyone with what you have captured and posted on social media.

To be honest, people don’t care whether you got a perfect body but your intention of putting these photos are telling us who doesn’t have impeccable shape like yours to start looking like you OR possibly you just want to tell the world that you’ve been quite hardworking in gym to achieve such body.

The body is a sign that shows how healthy you are, I totally agree with the hardship people have encountered to reach that particular goal but if you are showing off excessively, would people get annoyed by your over-posting gym photo rather than impressed with your determination. This is entirely my opinion and the most frustrating thing is that people judge those who went to the gym but the body shape doesn’t improve much because THEY DON’T GO FOR CLEAN/HEALTHY DIET!

I declare that I am part of that group. Being a foodie, going to gym is more like maintaining my body rather than wishing to have a flat tummy and going to the gym is more of enjoying my Zumba, learning Pilates is to stabilize and increase my flexibility and there’s hardcore training is more of improving my stamina. The context of ‘Healthy’ is very simple for me and I will not post photos on social media juts to justify how healthy am I.

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