It is interesting how production is repeating itself. There is no ‘originality’ in materials.
We cannot assumed that there is no ‘creativity’ in both films, rather we should argue what is absence between them- why made them silence?

Distinctively, Avatar’s Na’vi is different from Pocahontas’s Indian American. However there is some similarities between them which colonialism is the main theme and that the capitalist society transcends the nature and traditions.
Both films focus on how the settlers wish to gain something from the natives and how the native were manipulated. There were violence and conflicts between bot parties.

Relationship is often staying at the border of ideal which shown how the heroes and heroins share a romanticized bonding. The ‘happy endings’ are definitely musts. Villains are full with greed, power and merciless while the protagonists are kind, gentle and understanding.

Besides that, heroes in the end realize how important it is to retain the natural wonders and being part of different cultures. I would argue that both films have depicted the Americanization as they are from Disney. Disney is an American company.

Pocahontas is based on a true story, but the settler characters speak American English rather than British English which shows how this is not present in the film. Avatar focused more on the 3-D effect of graphics and breathtaking imagery that is based on an unknown planet during the future.

We can compare the historical contexts as they are different in certain ways. The weapons used genuinely informed us about the period of the event and happenings.

The infinite plurality will not condemned us putting them into the ‘copycats’ label even though we do sometimes but we still consume them anyways.
People would still go and watch ‘White House Down’ after watching ‘Olympus has Fallen’.
The same genre is interesting enough to keep their audiences attached towards the films.

Everything is just based on my opinions. James Cameron might have inspired by Pocahontas or both of them are total different movies- One is a cartoon and the other is not. One has a pretty forest and the other has a more spectacular forest.

If you looked up Pocahontas history, she is totally different from what is portrayed in the Disney version. She was converted into Christianity and likes to be part of the Western society. Different texts deliver all forms of signifiers which generally tells us not to perceive everything as one.


Avatar vs Pocahontas

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