Help me OR Stay away from me??

Life is an ongoing learning process so it all depends how hard the tasks are or how new are the jobs or how challenging that particular experience is?

People will never learn if they never do it or better still they will never learn if they don’t do it for themselves. When society is individualism, you cannot not depend on yourself and basically you can only trust yourself. They said how cruel our world is, the capitalist system had led us into competition and economical drive. So, it is not ‘prefer’ to rely on yourself, rather it is assumed that it is best to rely on yourself. You just can’t take the risks. Therefore, many people would choose to be tough in front of everyone just to prove to them that they are capable in handling difficulties and coping with problems.

For instance, you can ask your sister/brother to teach you how to excel in exam but really- they can only guide you rather than help you. This is a single world, you cannot expect everyone to help you especially the petty stuffs. Even though people collaborate works, we understand exactly that each people have their respective responsibility. There is no complete help from someone, so even when you ask for help when you need it; the answer or action that you will be getting is not 100% complete or helpful.

You may ask someone to borrow their homework (You clearly received the help) BUT you have not gained anything from their work because you aren’t learning anything from copying. There are many examples that underpinned the propaganda of the ‘rock’ (the tough ones)- they are determined, independent and probably choose not to help others as well.

However, through the help and guide you received- they are baby steps towards what you wanted to obtain. You see how parents taught their babies to walk. Babies stand up with the parent holding them, slowly guiding them to walk but eventually the baby will learn to fall, to walk wobbly numerous times before successfully stand up and walk like a normal child.

I remember conducting a chemistry experiment during college. Everyone has collected results and I was the only one that carelessly missed a step. I had to repeat the entire experiment, I had insufficient of time so I asked for help. I was desperate, I was nervous and I was helpless. Other friends of mine are busy among themselves. I was fortunate that some of my friends guide me and emotionally helped me. Looking back to those days, I am grateful to have people helping me when I am in need.

For my opinion, people don’t have to help me if I am able to handle a situation all to myself. I am a person that will ask for help if I have a hard time in dealing problems, when I have too much work to do or have limited time in completing some tasks. There are limitations in every human and no matter how good you are, you will need help. People would not judge you if you ask for help. 

There is a help called financial support which many people try to avoid being the one asking for help and the one that contributes the help. Both roles aren’t easy to play- one has to muster all his/her courage to ask that person for help while the other has to find excuses and assertive explanations if he/she refuses to help.

Helping is a kind thing to do and many people still assumed that it is a give & take thing. However, we are trained to be selfish. Therefore, there are people who received help but does not pay the deed back which of course it is unethical. But looking at the bright side, you have realized the devilish side of human beings and learn to differentiate who are the ones that you should help and who are the ones that you should avoid helping.

Help cannot be received and given continuously because people may get annoyed from your countless favors and some may get frustrated that they have to ask for help everytime unintentionally. Helping someone is kind but don’t go overboard and at the same time, receive help in modest is good too. Rather being a hard rock, why not try soften down yourself- some people wouldn’t mind if you need help. Indeed, when they have helped you, they feel happy and there is a sense of accomplishment.


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