What we really need in Life- According to Maslow

During 1943, Abraham Maslow created this pyramid diagram that consists of human’s five sets of needs, which ought to be fulfilled. After one set is fulfilled, the next desire kicks in. His paper is known as ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’. 

  1. Maslow stated that only 2% of figures around the world that has reached to the final stage . 
  2. The statistics basically discourage us in achieving such high position in the humanitarian world.
  3. Besides being successful and receive notable fame, your personality is highly crucial. 
  4. Our basic needs started since infants and move towards all the other needs in life.
  5. I am skeptical on why do people behave so accordingly based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  6. When a baby couldn’t care less about his/her public image, he/she cried without any concern that people will look at him/her.
  7. Then the child grew up and care what people think of him/her based on school performance, diligence, wisdom, experience, disciplinary.
  8. These values are not needs but they are refer as ‘needs’ because perfect people in society are supposed to possess all virtues that are undoubtedly beneficial to society and at the same time, people judge them as role models. 
  9. The feeling of fulfillment-When you are able to walk, you run- When you able to go to school, you mingle and study- when you are able to find jobs, you earn money- when you are able to earn money, you buy expensive items (THESE ARE ALL FULFILLMENT!)
  10. “What a man can be, he can be” (It is possible for man to do anything and improve himself consistently. It keeps us happy when we can do something, we stay positive throughout our life.
  11. Maslow wants us to understand that these materials or aims are important for us to ‘live’- live as in doing something, just to get something. (If it wasn’t for something, you wouldn’t do something just to get that particular something)
  12. Do people withdraw from society just because they are unable to achieve the minimum hierarchy of needs in sequence? We started to judge people based on what we have learnt on what is important in society, towards the build up of our reputation.   


Applying Maslow to business

Maslow’s hierarchy Business examples

Step 5 – Self-actualisation

Opportunities for creativity and personal growth, promotion

Step 4 – Esteem needs

Fancy job title, recognition of achievements

Step 3 – Social needs

Good team atmosphere, friendly supervision

Step 2 – Safety needs

Safe working conditions, job security

Step 1 – Physiological needs

Salary, decent working environment

Take a look at how work/business has also derive the Maslow’s pyramid hierarchy of needs.. Logically we will always begin with finding a job that primarily satisfy our fundamental needs. Unconsciously, we do not live by referring to this diagram every time, it lives under the norms that we should start from the beginning and step by step before achieving self-actualization. Self-actualization is not a compulsory because you have to strive to become the best or excel among the people with your every skills and strengths. It is not easy…People may be working as a CEO but unable to retain his moral values which it isn’t consist of self-actualization. Some people may be working as a teacher only but she is spontaneous, confidence and kind. So what consider as the best things we need in life? 

2 thoughts on “What we really need in Life- According to Maslow

    • Oh my gosh, is Freudian really applicable? Especially when the child has sexual desire/ affection towards the parent of opposite sex…I would possibly accept the unconscious and his dream work but the infantile sexuality of Oedipal desires are quite intriguing lol

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