Circuit of Culture

When we understand culture, we do not just made assumption. A text, a religion, a philosophy, a language, a norm, a practice and many more underpinning 5 basic aspects that succumb this broad culture or artifacts among us. They are consumption, regulation, representation, identity, production.

Representation – Meanings are encoded into the framework of a certain event or matter. These meanings are presented and we question why it is presented in this form. (eg: discourses)

Identity – We asked ‘Who’ that mediates the meaning and what do we associate with that meaning to construct characteristics.  (eg: gender, nationality sexuality)

Production – Making fundamental meanings, creating cultural products that imbues with meanings. This involves the process of generating before allowing context, ideas and thoughts flow in society. (eg: economic, materials, items)

Consumption – Meanings are decoded by audiences after receiving. This ultimately affects how you perceive the meaning. (eg: books, news, shows, drinking product or food product)

Regulation – This refers to the formal and informal controls on cultural activity- (eg: rules, laws) which govern the norms and values in society.

Syrian government is representation of a brutal government because we have seen how chemical weapon attack sacrifices a number of innocent lives especially children who suffers the most. Consumption on what is reported on the news causes us to construct several identities on the Syrian government and the crisis itself. The production of credible footage and interviews of heart-breaking victims’ family causes us as audiences to decode those meanings radically. Then, US President and other international community members came stepping into the issue which led to regulation of laws deciding whether to carry out military intervention- Eventually, we came in between of the situation: we know using chemical weapon is a violation against the law and morality but at the same time we do not wish US to carry out strikes/wars just to degrade the nation who uses such cruelty on their own people. There are so many unresolved conflicts to be handle, and we have to be aware of every step taken so that it will not worsen the situation.

If production of such crisis are not able to help those victims, then why bother producing them? (is it meant for information dissemination?)

If regulation of laws are so complicated, then why not spontaneously regulate according to the way we want? (laws are never perfected, there will be holes where people could easily break the rules without needing to accept punishments) (There are international laws that cross boundaries between nations which make it so hard to decide the action upon the wrongdoings of Syria government)

If identity is all constructed correctly based on what we perceived, then why do we still requires UN inspection on the site of the chemical attack?

If consumption is not passive, then why audiences from other parts of the world are just sitting there as if they are watching a show? (they are affected emotionally, but what can they do? do they have the power?) The UNHCR is collecting donation which some of you might have seen the ad on the Internet. Does that appeals to you? Would you click on it and donate some money?×250

If Syria crisis represents just another conflicting issue, then it will meant that these become part of our world (there will definitely be friction between nations, there will be war, there will be people dying and there will be people fighting and disagreeing what has set for them)

Circuit of Culture on the Syrian Crisis

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