Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sea always makes me calm. I do not wish to associate such beautiful sea to natural disasters such as tsunami and flood. My horoscope is Pisces which makes me naturally attracted to the vast blue sea. I am a fish that loves water inevitable and water is like the essence of my life.

The best date I had is by the sea where love started to bloom like the sound of the waves repeating over and over again.
The best activity/hobby I had is dipping/swimming in a pool where freedom has no boundaries.
The best sashimi or seafood you can get is not just based on how well a chef cooks them but the freshness of the catch straight from the sea.
The best drink to keep you hydrated is not from the sea but the H2O that supports the diversity of instincts.

During the best weather, sea is probably the best place to relieve your stress, letting the wind blow all your frustration and problems. Even if its temporary, you will still embrace yourself towards the sea because you know the sea captivates you, the sea allows your mind go blank and just relax yourself.

Sea is also a place of indulgence where you pleasantly being close to nature- in a beach where there is the sea and the sand coagulates your mood positively.
I only hate the beach when a beach is polluted, when the beach is destructed with malignant such as rubbish bag, plastic bottles, wrapping paper and lots of worn out human basic items.
Sea is a natural resource that was shared among living things which we ought to appreciate the beauty surroundings particularly the cleanliness.

When I thought about sea, I thought about seagulls too- because they were the most common animals on the beach. I have a mixed feelings towards seagulls. I enjoyed watching them, yet at the same time I do not wish they come and grab our picnic food.

Sunglasses, Ice-cream, fish & chips, sun screen, bikinis, seafood, and many more that are culturally adapted into our ‘sea’ life. Just like the forests and mountains, sea is part of us. It can be friendly and evil at the same time, we can never predict. However so far of my life, the sea has been treating me alright which I am still thankful of…

I can still remember when the times that I am not an outdoor person, I used negative stereotypes of the sea/beach to turn down my friends’ suggestion of going to the beach. I have now regretted for such decision because the beach can be a great place for bonding activities.
Sea can be a challenging place too as some water sports are not as easy as you think except for going on a ferry ride- that is a different case…. (I am passionate about going for ferry rides where the breeze caress your cheeks and you can see the water blow beneath your feet, but please don’t go to a rocky cruise ship- you will be feeling so uncomfortable & unwell)


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