Encounter with celebrity coincidently

Why isn’t there an ideal encounter with celebrity? You will always end up being shy and mess up this once in a life time opportunity. Even though you aren’t their biggest fan but not everyone gets the chance to be so close with them. You try to calm down but it seems like it is a big deal in life. This moment is so short that you will actually want to go back and replay the scene again and again. Often, we saw them on TV. Between us and them, it is far apart with quite a distance. The distance is not merely the television screen as the gap, rather the identities between us commoners and them as celebrities.

We have so much expectations on them. If they do well, we admired them. If they do something bad, we give excuses to cover their mistakes but if they behave badly every time, we just hate them. Talking about actors and their true characteristics is one of the most remarkable discovery because I have never thought that he will be so different compared to his roles that he have acted. I was expecting some comedian actor to be a friendly, funny and generous guy but turns out he’s too polite, a little bit shy and not talkative at all. I did find excuses- maybe they are tired?

By the way, this was one of the Hong Kong TVB Actor which I have frequently watch his series and came to know him and other celebrities as well. Another question arises, how tall are they exactly? I was quite surprised that he wasn’t as tall as I thought he will. The Internet said he is 185 cm but apparently standing beside him, he’s 180 cm only? I am not entirely sure but not doubtful at my concern. My family said:” If I were you, I would hug him, stand closer to him, and hold his hand blah blah blah.” However when that instant time suddenly strikes you, you wouldn’t be rational. You will be so dumb struck and he’s just married anyway. I was clearly blown away at this encounter, even though it wasn’t the best- at least I have experienced it.

In my home town, I have actually saw him on stage but never so close before. I must admit he is the only celebrity that I have come across twice. There must be some ‘meant to be’ thing going around. This coincident meet up is good because there wasn’t much fans so we were like the only person that have a group photo with him. I must said the staff is very conscious about photos with fan. They were like just take the phone from us and pretend to help us take the photo- their true intention is to take a crappy photo so that we won’t be able to post them online. Didn’t they realize the crappy photo makes the celebrity look bad? I mean we commoners look normal because we shouldn’t be standing out but the differences are apparent on the celebrities themselves. I just don’t understand why they even do that?

Generally, celebrities’ skin is so perfect that sometimes you are sceptical whether they did anything to their face. However male celebrities just need to do facial and exercise to look young. Female ones have to do the same with some extra botox maybe for the older celebrities. Celebrities are so skinny that you wish you could do some editing on the photo to make your body equally or in minimal like them.

P/S: You have to go to 5 star hotel, you have to be mentally prepared, you got to be brave in approaching them, you have to smile and talk to them, you got to ask someone other than the celebrity staff to take the photo (best if it’s your family), you have to tell everyone because it is a happy thing to share.


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