Why do we need feminism?
Do we simply need it because we have been deprived on the rights, been dealing with sexism, rape and sexual assault?
Does it really changes any social standards on gender?
Does it prove that women is more capable than men in work?
Even though, the degraded value in certain types of women are associated with the general perspective of women, we should not be viewing gender as the main functional identification because humans are all the same- they eat, they talk and they think.

However logically, people argue upon the biological differences. Women empowerment is still a far away dream to be achieved in totalitarian. Some countries are still perceiving the important of gender differences and what roles they should be playing.

From clothes, biological differences, attitudes, emotions and appearances, the normative gender qualities are constructed long ago which it is so difficult for us to reverse those viewpoints on gender.
The patriarchal binaries of gender between men and women are still apparent and dominates society.

Feminism is struggling to maintain its position besides helping women in liberation and fighting for their rights. Some needs feminism because it is a message telling everyone that’ I am women, yet you can’t assume me as a women just because I look like a woman’.

A little contradicting but women seems to be seeking protection and at the same time wanting to be equal as men. I am not entirely sure whether I am a feminist but even if I do, there is nothing wrong being a feminist because Feminism still seems pretty cool.



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