Th importance of reading

There are so much leisure activities to choose from, why bother to engage with stories, texts and learning. Reading is for educational purpose, yet at the same time it promotes social mobility. However, most people choose to browse Facebook, chat with friends than to study, to assimilate the culture of reading.

Fundamentally, it has become a major societal issue that children don’t read. They only study text books which compulsory they have to study. What about the books outside of their education circle? It is so easy for someone to pick a book but the question is whether they will read it or not? A lot of teenagers grew up, exposing themselves with different formats of reading. They get the choice so therefore- reading your text messages or emails are options other than reading a novel or literature. 

Reading is a habit itself, just like cooking- if you aren’t interested in cooking, would you do it? It is quite logical why some children just want to play with their toys instead of picking up a book and read. Some people are naturally born passion with books and texts, of course it still requires certain amount of exposure on books, learning, practices in order to form that habit or to develop that particular interest.

Inspiring young people to read is not an easy task especially people don’t find pleasure out of reading Shakespeare’s poem or classical novels. Even though reading profoundly generates a wordy, civilized, knowledgeable and cultural society, we can’t really have everyone indulging reading as their hobby or past time. It is no doubt that other forms of activities are utterly important as well but reading is the base of knowledge where anything you learn comes from absorbing ideas and information word by word. 

For instance, any practical work one has to do will have to learn the theoretical side before proceed to that stage and this includes film production, engineering work, accountant work, drawing, and even cooking. We have been taught in school to read, parents have bought us storybooks from fairy tales to classics, we read magazines, we read insurance policy, we read bank statement, we read terms and conditions, we read the menu, we read the newspaper, we read the letter and funnily the habit of reading has already instilled among us without us consciously knowing. Yet, some of us hate reading- especially when they are a bundle of boring texts but always remember their beneficial purposes. Never to give up reading, we have a lot of options from short stories, news and poems to long serial novel and stories- the choice is yours.  

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