5 words to Motivation

– Confidence

The more I accomplished, the more I believe in myself. Whenever we do something, the more we practice, the more experience we gain and thus we became confidence. Being confident means you are always motivated to carry out the tasks.

– Reasoning

People are not motivated because they have no goals or purposes in doing what they are doing now. Some people do it because others want them to do it. Therefore, it is always best when you could seek reasons that are able to motivate you. 


Although life is not just about enjoying but it is definitely crucial in helping you to stay motivated. Imagine if you hate your work, you will not keen on doing it. Thus, it is impossible for a long term motivation. 


Realizing what have you achieved is utterly imperative especially for complicated goals in life. There are so many steps towards your aim and you need support all the way. Motivation is your support but at the same time, you have to help ‘motivation’ to realize the progression. 


You work through your goals because you want something in life, you want to possess comfort, you want to satisfy your desire, you passion but sometimes before reaching towards the very final point, give yourself some break. It is sufficient enough to motivate you and is recharging your inner strength to continue your task, obligation, your goals and your life. 


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