Imagine is such a powerful word that you have to be courageous in diving into the sea of imagination.

Realistic life is not an imagination.

Things don’t come according the way you imagine.

But, there is nothing wrong to imagine the positivity of the world.

I like to imagine when there is no conflict between human beings.

Imagine if the world is equal and everyone has the chance to show themselves.

Imagine there is no fear among us that we can do anything that we feel it is right.

Imagine that godmother fairy from Cinderella do exist.

Imagine that animals could talk.

Imagine that technology evades the world.

Imagine if the world has no corruption.

Imagine if the world has no distinction of poor and rich.

Imagine our feelings is played out loud like music whenever we go.

Imagine that food is abundance whenever we go.

Imagine that life is a not a cycle that we will not go through the same phase again and again.

Imagine that happiness will lasts forever.

Imagine that fairy tales do happen in real life.

Imagine if there is no diet, restriction and image of skinny models and celebrities.

Imagine that strangers are all friendly.

Imagine that our girlfriends or buddies are people that will forever be loyal to us.

Imagine that everyone sleeps and wakes up to a new era.

Imagine we don’t need to question for anything.

Imagine pollution will never exist.

Imagine natural resources will never deplete.

Imagine life without worrying about the future.

Imagine that everyone balance up play and study/work seriously.

Imagine mistakes are alright.

Imagine there is no perfection to be achieved.

Imagine people do not stress about planning.

Imagine everyone is rebellious against capitalism.

Imagine that technology didn’t exist at all.

Imagine that things don’t change or even improve.

Imagine a world that imagination is unnecessary. 

Would every imagination has hope of counting as every possibilities, I wonder?


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